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Discussion in 'NHL Draft - Prospects' started by Gwyddbwyll, Jan 19, 2007.

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    How many different players have been rated by professional scouting services as #1 this season?

    Red Line - Couture, Voracek, Esposito
    ISS - Cherepanov, Voracek, Couture
    McKeens - Esposito is currently top (not sure of history)
    CSS - Esposito / Cherepanov

    Four players.. maybe not that many. Is it more than previous years?

    Quite a few more jump up if you start adding in 'top 3' - van Riemsdyk, Alzner, Petrecki, Kane and even Gagner and Turris as well I believe? 10 players occupying the top 3 slots at different points..

    2006 was pretty open with EJ, Kessel, Backstrom, Toews.
    2005 dominated from start to end by Crosby
    2004 dominated by Ovechkin, despite Malkin
    2003 Staal, Horton and Fleury were the ones flip flopping? Did Fleury ever actually get ranked #1?
    2002 had the big 4 (although I dont think Lehtonen and Pitkanen got #1 ranking over Nash/Bouw at any point?)
    2001 dominated by Kovalchuk / Spezza

    Thats from memory.. I'm not sure how the scouts had it.

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