Who deserves the credit for VGK success?

  1. Kobe Armstrong
    Before the season started, everyone on here trashed George McPhee for picking a horrible roster. He was considered a joke on here and nobody thought the team could even come close to the playoffs. Are his expansion picks completely redeemed at this point (and are people willing to admit they were wrong)? He was widely considered a bottom-3 GM to start this season but could easily win GM of the year.

    Then there's Gerard Gallant, as a coach he's definitely gotten the most out of his players. He should win the Jack Adams this year for what he's done. Looking at the roster they have, does GG deserve more credit than McPhee?

    The players also deserve credit for performing way above expectations, but would they have been able to do so without Gallant, or McPhee to an extent?

    Lastly, does Gary Bettman get credit for changing the expansion rules to make it much more favorable than in past years?

    Let me know who you think deserves the most credit for their success, sorry I'm kind of asking a lot of questions.

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