The Myth of John Tavares and Unmet Potential - by an Isles Fan

  1. Merrrlin
    I have been thinking about writing this post for over a month now. I've noticed on different areas of this website, John has been disrespected or generally underrated or underappreciated.

    What I've read:
    • John got overpaid
    • John never reached his potential
    • John wasn't a great #1 pick
    • John's career has been a letdown

    Now just so we're clear, I am not interested in discussing how he left our most Islander fans would agree, we're dissapointed. There's no way around that, even if he did give us some good years. If I had it my way, we would have hired Lou and Trotz 5 years ago and John's story with us may be completely different.

    Good. That's out of the way. Lets look at some of John's stats.

    I recently read in the prospects forum that a certain prospect is similar to Tavares, and it was meant as an insult. Posters claimed he isn't elite, and that you can find better players in every draft, so it's a disappointing comparison. Let's take a look:

    2 years (164gp)2nd36th7th15th
    5 years (401gp)2nd22nd6th8th
    10 years (751gp)3rd16th7th15th


    In the last 10 years, the only players with more goals are:
    • Alex Ovechkin
    • Steven Stamkos

    In the last 10 years, the only players with more points are:
    • Sidney Crosby
    • Patrick Kane
    • Alex Ovechkin
    • Claude Giroux
    • Steven Stamkos
    • Nicklas Backstrom

    Take a look at that list. Can you name a player on that list who accomplished that with less help? Our Islander teams have been awful. The best players John Tavares has played with are (by P/GP in last 10 years for NYI players):
    • Thomas Vanek (only 47 gp)
    • Mathew Barzal (only 1 season)
    • PA Parentau
    • Matt Moulsen
    • Brad Boyes
    • Kyle Okposo

    Look at that list. Those were the best P/GP players that played for the Islanders with John over his last 10 seasons with our franchise. There is no Malkin, no Kessel, no Carlson or Backstrom, no Hedman or Kucherov, no Toews or Keith....PA Parentau and Matt Moulsen...


    John Tavares has been an elite player his entire career. No one in his class of players (top scorers) over his career even come close to having as little support. Hockey is a team game, and point totals are heavily influenced by the talent around you.
    • John got overpaid
    How can you call his contract an overpayment? Look at his goal scoring proficiency!
    • John never reached his potential
    Finishing top 15 in the last decade with no help, and top 3 in goals. What more can you really expect from a player, even a #1 OA pick?
    • John wasn't a great #1 pick
    See above.
    • John's career has been a letdown
    This one is harder to answer. I remember an unbelievable amount of excitement when we drafted him. He didn't bring us a cup, and he left, so as an Islander...well, maybe you could say his time with us was a disappointment. We didn't give him any help.

    However, as a player separate from the emotional aspect, I would say he's had a great career. One of the best goal scorers of the decade, and possibly of a generation. In the top 0.1% in terms of production.


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