Is John Robert Eichel the Unluckiest Superstar Since Lindros?

  1. TheJackAttack
    Yeah, that's his real name.

    OUTSIDE of his contract of course, and even then there comes negative talk with that....

    Going into the playoffs and such there will be no EIchel talk, so felt like making this thread to discuss the injustice that is his pro-career to this point.

    I had to ask who else has had a rougher ride then a star of this calibre from the beginning of his career?

    You could even call it BUFFALO luck. But look, I'm not one to cry because every team has a history of being unlucky, but the Sabres, with Brett Hull in the cup final, draft lotteries, the 06 ECF, and not getting McDavid after tanking then getting Eichel only too have him injured in 2 of his 3 seasons. (Eichel wasn't injury prone before this, these are both his two first injuries ever)

    You have to feel for the guy even if you dislike him.

    He will be known as a guy who's not even a 60 pt player, .....but it's a terrible unjust since he's gotten 130 pts in his last 125 games and only had a season where he played above 61 games...once, in his rookie season.

    And in that rookie season despite being 2nd in points (In a prospect rich class Domi, Larkin were both tremendous, ghost, parayko, panarin, McDavid) HE WASN'T EVEN NOMINATED for the calder.

    HIS PPG is unreal for playing on the lowest scoring team in the league, and for his age, and well would be for any player in the NHL but those two things make it more impressive.

    Last year 57 in 61 pts. 0.94 in the 16-17 season. 11th best in the NHL.

    This year 53 in 54. (It's 53 in 55 GP) but he played half a period) 0.98 PPG.

    18th in NHL scoring before going down.

    As far as unlucky:

    Starts with having to be a #2, only Malkin (arguably Seguin, and MAYBE Laine) had been such a talent that had to be drafted #2 behind such a talent, and McDavid is a talent all of its own. Had he not been in McDavid's draft Eichel would be the talk of the year, been called the Jack Eichel sweepstakes, higher praise then Mackinnon, billed as the new FACE of American Hockey at 17, some even thought he should go above McDavid. (Although I'm not saying that here, not even close, just stating what some scouts said.)

    That one is the least of it but still relevant.

    Another is the whole being blamed for the FIring of Bylsma and Murray. Then Sabres management was getting the axe and there was the Eichel report made and the very next day both guys are gone and he's looked at as some serious locker-room disturber.

    Then He got injured before the first game of the year in practice last year. Didn't play a game until December 2016 and finished the year a pt per game, not enough to finish high enough for the top 50 (on most 2nd page stat lists) and not relevant enough to discuss due to his team not making the playoffs. It was all supposed to change this year if his team got better but that didn't happen, and they got worst. Even though he steadily improved, and one would think well at least he's going to get his 80 pt season, maybe even 90 if he goes on a CRAZY tear since the natural progression of his game suggests he keeps improving.

    But that didn't happen. Instead, now he's set to miss the final 27 games, (6 more then last year) I mean he could return in the final week or two but what would be the point? TO try and break the 60 pt mark and get a worse draft pick odds?

    THe whole Calder thing is another, which I mentioned briefly above.
    And lastly his hair. Whatever barber he went too should be sued. I'm just in the summer he will get a new cut, or at least lets hope! Added that last one for the haters.

    In both "Eichel" seasons the Sabres actually didn't do as bad as the two years before he arrived where they were dead last (Go figure)

    But this year even with Eichel they have been awful, even though he's carried the team and his numbers are unbelievable. Over 40 even strength AND primary points, in 53 games played.

    He has something around 167 pts in under 200 GP think it's around 190 could be wrong? Will have to check that but like I said in last two seasons playing an average of 56 games he's been point per game on that team that doesen't really score without him.

    His line-mates were Okposo and Girgensons and he was still producing at an incredible level.

    TO the rest of the NHL Your Welcome, the Sabres are going to be an easier 2 pts then ever before.

    0-1 and counting, I don't think we will win 5 games the rest of the year.

    Hopefully next season he comes back and gets the 85-90 pts he probably would of gotten this year. He definitely would of had two 70-75 pt seasons, that's not even in question.

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