How to Stop Getting Logged Out

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    If you're being constantly logged out here's how to fix it:

    Firefox - in the address bar click on the "i" to show site information. Click on the > on top tab for "" to show connection detail. Then click on More Information. A window will open with a View Cookies button. Click on that and a window showing your cookies for this site will open. Select Remove All Shown. Now close and restart your browser and log back in with "Stay Logged In" check. This only corrects the issue for me if I reboot the browser.

    ff01.jpg ff02.jpg

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    Chrome - in the address bar, click on the "i", then click on cookies. It will open a window showing your cookies here. Repeatedly click the remove button until they're all gone. Reboot chrome. Then log back in with "Stay Logged In" checked.

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