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2018 Team Denmark Roster Talk

  1. JClark
    Starting this thread because I have seen people ask about Team Denmark in other threads.

    Returning Players

    Emil Gransøe (98)
    Kasper L. Krog (98)

    Oliver Joakim Larsen (98)

    Joachim Blichfeld (98)
    Nikolaj Krag Christensen (98)
    David Madsen (99)
    Jonas Røndbjerg (99)
    Christian Wejse (98)

    NOTE: Oliver Gatz Nielsen (98) would be eligible to return but he is injured to the best of my knowledge.

    I'm thinking Denmark will be weaker this year since True and From aged out, but here are the possible players that could make the team:

    Albert Adamsen (99)
    William Rørth (99)
    Mads Søgaard (00)

    Daniel Andersen (99)
    Rasmus Birk Heine (98)
    Lasse L. Carlsen (99)
    Lasse Holm Mortensen (00)
    Jakob Jessen (98)
    Christian Larsen (99)
    Jeppe Mogensen (99)

    Malte Setkov (99)


    Valdemar Ahlberg (98)
    Lucas Andersen (99)
    Lukas Bach Nielsen (00)
    Christoffer Gath (99)
    Andreas Grundtvig (99)
    Magnus Molge (98)
    Daniel Nielsen (98)
    Marcus Pedersen (98)
    Asger Petersen (99)
    Oliver Reuter (99)
    Jacob Schmidt-Svejstrup (98)
    Phillip Schultz (00)
    Oliver True (00)
    Simon Wiuff (98)

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