Yrs. Of Birth Tourney Week 7 Matchday 2 Match 4: 1966 vs. 1967

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Which team wins?

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  1. 1966

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  2. 1967

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    We are back for another week of exciting action from the yrs. of birth tourney.

    If anyone wishes me to make any lineup changes, let me know. Some of these players are played out of position to best fit different players into the lineup.

    Lineup decisions based upon stats from hockeyreference.com.

    Remember for current players to vote based upon career projections and for retired players to vote based upon their careers.

    Our 4th match of Week 7 is 1966 (5-1) vs. 1967 (1-5)

    1966: (5-1) Beat 1986 6-4 in Week 6

    NHL Players Born in 1966 | Hockey-Reference.com

    Luc Robitaille-Kirk Muller-Stephane Richer
    Gary Roberts-Joe Nieuwendyk-Ray Sheppard
    Shayne Corson-Shawn Burr-Scott Mellanby
    Wendel Clark-Michal Pivonka-Ed Olczyk

    Kevin Hatcher-Fredrik Olausson
    Jeff Brown-Al Iafrate
    Jykri Lumme-Petr Svoboda

    Mike Richter
    Kirk Mclean

    1967: (1-5) Lost 9-4 to 1980 in Week 6

    NHL Players Born in 1967 | Hockey-Reference.com

    Derek King-Vincent Damphousse-Scott Young
    Ulf Dahlen-Nelson Emerson-Joe Murphy
    Brent Gilchrist-Mike Keane-Randy Mckay
    Robert Kron-Shaun Van Allen-Craig Simpson

    Calle Johansson-Vladimir Konstantinov
    Steve Chiasson-Gord Murphy
    Dave Manson-Bill Houlder

    Curtis Joseph
    Sean Burke

    1966 got my vote.

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