Yrs. Of Birth Tourney Week 10 Matchday 4 Match 11: 1957 vs. 1969

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Which team wins?

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  1. 1957

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  2. 1969

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    We are back for another week of exciting action from the yrs. of birth tourney.

    If anyone wishes me to make any lineup changes, let me know. Some of these players are played out of position to best fit different players into the lineup.

    Lineup decisions based upon stats from hockeyreference.com.

    Remember for current players to vote based upon career projections and for retired players to vote based upon their careers.

    Remember to consider pro careers for all players and not just their NHL careers.

    Our 11th match is 1957 (7-2) vs. 1969 (7-1)

    1957: 7-2 Beat 1978 7-1 in Week 9

    NHL Players Born in 1957 | Hockey-Reference.com

    John Tonelli-Ron Duguay-Mike Bossy
    John Anderson-Mark Johnson-Joe Mullen
    Doug Smail-Lucien Deblois-Ric Seiling
    Craig Laughlin-Dale Mccourt-Mark Napier

    Doug Wilson-Rod Langway
    Mario Marois-Barry Beck
    Robert Picard-Gordie Roberts

    Pete Peeters
    Greg Millen

    1969: 7-1 Beat 1970 5-3 in Week 9

    NHL Players Born in 1969 | Hockey-Reference.com

    Brendan Shanahan-Joe Sakic-Alexander Mogilny
    John Leclair-Pierre Turgeon-Donald Audette
    Stephane Matteau-Sergei Fedorov-Dallas Drake
    Shawn Mceachern-Andrew Cassels-Dmitri Khristich

    Rob Blake-Eric Desjardins
    Mathieu Scheidner-Robert Svhela
    Jason Wooley-Yves Racine

    Dwayne Roloson
    Garth Snow

    1957 got my vote.

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