Yashin re-signs with Dallas

Discussion in 'HFNHL Talk' started by SensGod, Feb 2, 2006.

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    (AP) - Dallas, TX

    The Dallas Stars announced earlier today in a press conference that they have re-signed their number one centerman Alexei Yashin to a long term contract avoiding unrestricted free agency.

    "Alexei hasn't had a great year so far, but he is fronting alot of the load on his shoulders to carry this team. We have some very good players like Parise, Horcoff, Ehrhoff, Koivu and Hossa which we're expecting to step into larger roles on the team next year to eliviate some of the pressure on Alexei.", says General Manager Laurens Thie.

    Predictions are that it's around a 4 year deal in the 5.5 million a year range.

    Now, Thie better move onto getting some of those restricted free agents locked up to long term deals.

    In other news. Rumors out of Dallas is that they might be willing to move a centerman to acquire a left winger or two. Rumblings are that the likes of Antropov and Reinprecht are at the top of the available list.
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