would the CBA cover this?

Discussion in 'Fugu's Business of Hockey Forum' started by Skroob*, Aug 3, 2005.

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  1. Skroob*

    Skroob* Guest

    Say a player is looking for 5.5M, and a team doesnt want that much on the books against the cap.

    Well, of that 5.5M , the agent gets a cut of say 10% (lets say 500k for easy math).

    Could a team work ot a deal bewteen the player and agent to offer a 5M contract to the player, then give a "consultant" job contract to the agent for 500k?

    The player still takes home the same amount, the agent gets paid, and the team is only on the books for 5 instead of 5.5M
  2. Skroob*

    Skroob* Guest

    or how about even offering a players wife a "lucrative" deal to make key chain lanyards for the team?
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    Then and there
    Likely to happen for in-demand top end players, a'la soccer star David Beckham's ex-Spice Girl wife getting a big recording deal (never mind that it was more than likely to fail miserably financially). Nothing to to do with the sport in question naturally, at least that's what's going to be told to the general public.

    That is, if those players have any good agents/lawyers, of course.
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