Winnipeg Jets & boyhood friendships...

Discussion in 'Winnipeg Jets' started by Uncle Bill, Oct 10, 2018.

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    This story resonated with me. Most of my boyhood memories included early Jets 1.0 hockey and friendships that always included jet games over the years. I too kept friends since childhood with the Winnipeg Jets forming something of a common bond.

    I remember transferring to Toronto in 1990 and still being a diehard jets fan. I fondly recall watching the Jets beat the leafs 4-3 at maple leaf gardens. I remember 1996 with emotion and decided I can’t be an Arizona fan.

    About 5 years after I returned to Winnipeg, my same boyhood friend/fellow jet season ticket holder, decided to buy jets 2.0 season tickets. I still hold my tickets.

    The Jets made us friends, but childhood bonds last longer than hockey loyalties
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