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Discussion in 'HFNHL Talk' started by HFNHL Red Wings, May 17, 2004.

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  1. Given the temporary lull in games, and workload at the office, I felt it a good opportunity to make some observations about the performances of the Wings players so far in the playoffs. It’s important to note that particular line combinations are difficult to assess as the Wings have used 5 sets of line combinations (with a 6th set for game 2) to avoid any possibility of line matching by their opponents and as a result have not been considered here. Keep ‘em guessing I say.

    Here are the Wings Top 3 Stars to-date:

    Olaf Kolzig – Having been outshot in 6 of 8 games so far the Wings would have been eliminated in the first round if it were not Kolzig. His 0.926 save percentage is the 2nd best outperforming Khabibulin, Brodeur, and Hasek. Only Montreal’s JS Giguere has a better save percentage. He is also second in star points with 14.

    Todd White – Todd had a disappointing regular season but has really come to play in the post season. Todd has played on each of the top 3 forward lines at some point, plays PP and got some PK duty in game 1 vs. the Ducks where he recorded a SHG. In all roles White has performed having made it onto the score sheet in 7 out of the 8 games and is currently riding a 5 game point streak.

    Joe Nieuwendyk – Although Joe was somewhat quiet in the first 6 games of the playoffs he stepped up big time in the critical game 7 vs. the Jackets where he scored twice and set-up a third. In game 1 vs. the Ducks he also had a 3 point game and as a result has vaulted himself to the top of the Wings scoring list with 9 points.

    Going forward the Wings will be looking for Roberts, Stumpel, and Lidstrom to step-up as their performance to-date has been less than anticipated.
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  2. Ok, it appears in complementing players I have jinxed myself!
    Kolzig gives up 5 goals on only 25 shots, White goes pointless in the next two games, Niuewy has only a single point and my top unit has done nothing!

    Time to look to BUFU for help again.
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    Jinxes don't mean squat when you're taking on the throne, chief! :D
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