Why the CBA document tight lip?

Discussion in 'Fugu's Business of Hockey Forum' started by mafiaboss, Jul 29, 2005.

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  1. mafiaboss

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    why has there been greater efforts in silencing the demands to get a public copy of this new CBA document, than accepting the plee for information?

    It has been circulating around the media....in this modern day and age, you'll surely have it in an electronic format too. So why then, has there been no public availbility of such a document? I'd think the public has just as much right to read it for themselves than the radio announcers who've been reviewing some of its articles on the air.

    My beef is that it is a simple request with a simple resolution...but no matter where you post such a request for information, somebody comes along to shut you down and criticize you opinion.

    We are all information hungry with this new NHL era and new CBA.....I have just as right to get impatient for the lack of cooperation by the NHL on this as people bashing the Leafs or other teams around the league.

    This is afterall a business of sports thread is it not? I would like to encourage more answers and efforts in pressuring for this document to be released to the public and made available online.

    My business depends on the finer details of the CBA...and I take great offence that information is being selectively passed around.

    If you are part of the press, then you'll understand....it's quite obvious that this document is official as it is being acted upon as we speak in this new era.

    rather than muzzle the call for information, join in for collective pressure on the task at hand. KEEP THIS THREAD OPEN!
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    The document is copyrighted by the NHL and NHLPA. It can not be reprinted without their permission. If you want a copy write to them instead of complaining here. Your repetitive posts on the subject are annoying and any further ones will not be tolerated. As has been stated before, when the CBA is available links will be posted. There is nothing more to be done with it.
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