WHL - Web Hockey League has 2 GM openings

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    The WHL just wrapped up our 24th preseason and the regular season begins on Monday. Established in 1995, the WHL is perhaps the longest running sim league online and utilizes the HLS2 simulator. Currently there are openings for our Kelowna Cats and Boston Snowdogs franchises (they can be relocated/renamed in offseason).

    The Cats are a strong contender at the moment with players like Stamkos, Kuznetsov, Carlson and Bobrovsky. The Snowdogs are rebuilding with players like Horvat, Pettersson and Laine. Both teams have their full stock of draft picks as well.

    Web Hockey League - HLS2 fantasy hockey league

    To join contact the commissioner at Web Hockey League - Contact Form or message me here on HF

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