Which National Team (Any Sport) Has The Most Pressure To Win?

Discussion in 'General Sports' started by Weissy Baby, Jun 17, 2018.

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    Every team sport has its countries that dominate and are expected to win best on best competitions regularly (Olympics, World Cups, World Championships, etc.), but which national team is under the most pressure from its people to win the biggest tournaments in any sport? Basically silver unacceptable, and the team is a national disappointment is what I'm getting at here.

    My guess is Canada in hockey, and the U.S.A and basketball are both demanded to win every best on best competition they enter so one of them. The All Blacks of New Zealand might have the same amount of pressure in rugby, but I don't know enough about the sport to really judge. Since there are a few soccer (football) nations that could win any tournament I don't think there is the same expectation to win as with the other teams mentioned, even for Brazil, Germany, France, Spain, etc. because none can truly dominate their sport to that level, and soccer is a more random game than say basketball is.
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    New York
    Soccer - Brazil
    Rugby - NZ
    Baseball - Dominican Republic
    Basketball- USA
    Hockey - Canada
    Table Tennis - China
    Cricket - India / Pakistan
    Track - Jamaica
    Skiing - Norway

    Club Soccer - Real Madrid
    Club Baseball - Yankees

    Soccer Women - USA
    Hockey Women - Canada
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    The All Blacks are expected to win every game without question.

    Australia is always expected to win in Rugby League but there's only a couple of decent teams so it doesn't matter much.

    I would say, based on volume and passion of fans, that it's hard to go against India as being under the most pressure. They may not be as dominant in Cricket as NZ in Rugby or USA in Basketball but they carry a greater weight of pressure than the rest because they've got a billion people worshiping them who expect success.
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    Yeah this is as accurate as can be. And to add onto the list I'd say:
    Club Basketball- Lakers/Celtics (historically); Warriors and/or any LeBron team (more recently)
    Club Hockey- Leafs/Habs (historically); Penguins (more recently)
    Club American Football- Cowboys/Steelers (historically); Patriots (more recently)
    Swimming- USA
    Women's Figure Skating- Russia
    Curling- Canada (for both gender's)
    Tennis- Federer/Nadal (men's); Serena Williams (women's)
    Golf- Tiger Woods

    The latter two aren't teams of course, but in their sport, those athletes unquestionably have the most pressure to keep winning stuff.

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