What kind of potential do these prospects have?

Discussion in 'NHL Draft - Prospects' started by The Fuhr*, Aug 11, 2006.

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  1. The Fuhr*

    The Fuhr* Guest

    Alexandre Picard
    Petteri Nokelainen
    Jack Skille
    Drew Stafford
    Roman Voloshenko
    Blake Wheeler
    Artem Anisimov
    Brendan Mikkelson
    Nigel Dawes
    Chris Summers
    Nikolai Lemtyugov

    Thanks for your thoughts?
  2. Mobbex

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    Jul 29, 2006
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    Alexandre Picard (NHL bound winger who could line up on any line, depending on the circumstances. Thats assuming you are talking about he CJB Picard. The Flyers' one seem like a decent two way defenseman though he might not be NHL calibre. Third pairing, depth material at worst, second pairing two way guy at best.)
    Petteri Nokelainen (Defensive center)
    Jack Skille (Top six power forward)
    Drew Stafford (Top six power forward)
    Roman Voloshenko (Top six sniper)
    Blake Wheeler (Hard to say what kind of player he will turn out to be, but I wouldn't hope for to much from this one.)
    Artem Anisimov (A high scoring winger or nothing at all. High bust chance at this point, though he is still very young.)
    Brendan Mikkelson ( A bit of a gamble, as he has some intriguing tools but still hasn't managed to put it together, though injuries have not helped him last year. A possible top four two way defenceman.)
    Nigel Dawes (Third or fourth line energy guy.)
    Chris Summers (A Mathieu Dandenault type of defenseman, very mobile, reliable, and relatively physical but not much of a threat offensively.)
    Nikolai Lemtyugov (A pure project, as he has nice offensive upside is far from ready for the NHL. Could blossom as a second or third line scorer, but he still is another young russian draftee who has everything to prove.)
  3. Abyss

    Abyss GO BRUINS

    Jun 20, 2005
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    writing off Wheeler already? I think its still hard to predict at this point and he needs to show what he can do with the Gophers this year.

    Dawes, I would think he has some scoring line potential but would also be good on the checking line.
  4. Levitate

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    Jul 29, 2004
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    eh, I'll take a crack at a few

    Nokelainen: Good second line center who does a bit of everything. Not gonna be a star point getter, but won't do bad in that department. Good pick for the Isles.

    Stafford: I really see him as almost a 3rd liner :dunno: A good third liner mind you, but I dunno. Maybe he cracks the 2nd line as a hard worker who can pot some points.

    Anisimov: Probably either a skilled 2nd line center who's defensively responsible, or bust. He was said to be one of the more skilled forwards in the draft, so maybe he could even push being a 1st line center with some star wings to help him out, but the knock is that he really needs to bring his game with more consistancy and to put some bulk on his frame.

    Dawes: Second line, 30 goal scorer. The guy has done nothing but score at every level he's played at. 35 goals in his rookie AHL year, didn't miss a beat. He's gonna have to keep working hard, but he's done that his whole hockey career and I see him as the type of player who can overcome his height disadvantage. Sure he's short, but he's also very stocky and is a very hard worker.

    Wheeler: I have a feeling he might float around, kinda lost in the prospect mix for awhile, and then pop up as a second line guy. Probably won't fulfill the potential the 'yotes drafted him for, but probably won't be a waste either
  5. MN_Gopher

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    Wheeler. I saw this comparision on a gopher board. Think of Wheeler as a red shirt freshman. Many still go on to have great NFL careers but were just not ready to contribute their true freshman year. Since being drafted. He has put on close to 45 pounds and probally grew an inch or so. He is still filling out and finding his coordination. He is not slow and i would say is a better than average skater. Was able to keep with Kessel on rushes. Would like to see take the body more, but he does lay a monster hits. Has a great wrister and can shelf it in close forehand or backhand. Maybe like a Guerin or Tkachuk. Only taller and heavier.

    Stafford. I think he has the makings of being a great second line guy or a good first liner. Can score. Good shot, great moves, fast and sees the ice well. Top that off with a very solid defensive game. Can play both PP and PK well. I always think Brian Rolston minus the heavy slapper. At Nodak i think Stafford wanted to fly a bit too much and looked out of place. He learns a little patience. I could easily see him netting around 5 shorties a year and right around 60-75 points.

    Skille. Might be a cross of Stafford and Wheeler. Not quite the scoring of Stafford or the size of Wheeler. But good at both. Playing big and scoring. Is good in his own end. I think Skille has a few more intangables. Will be vocal and do little things, blocking shots. Solid second line guy.

    Roman Voloshanko. My hope for him is to be a pretty garbage man. Scoring in close and using his hands to quickly bury pucks. His skating is not bad and has improved. But i still do not see him flying up the rink and pulling of some crazy move. Second line guy thats sees good PP time.
  6. thestonedkoala

    thestonedkoala Everyone! PANIC!

    Aug 27, 2004
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    Voloshenko does the dirty work but can also snipe pretty well. Good prospect.

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