What if there was an international fanasy draft ?

Discussion in 'General Fantasy Talk' started by NA Scouting, Sep 26, 2013.

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    I am trying to gauge how many players around the world are ''somewhat'' of NHL caliber.

    I understand if we were to expand the number of teams in the league to 35 or even 40 there would be a shortage of ''bonafide superstars'' per teams, but if given a chance at 1st line minutes there might be a lot of players that would shine.

    To me, there are a ton of guys around the world that could make an NHL teams on their 3rd or 4th lines.

    If we were to delete all pro leagues around the world and have all the players in the NHL, with the addition of those players, how many more NHL teams do you think there could be (of somehwhat decent skills)?

    My wild guess is that half the players on most AHL clubs could be decent on an NHL 4th line. So that's about 300 players right off the bat.

    For those of you in Europe, how many players do you think there could be from the KHL, Sweden, Germany, Finland, Switzerland ? Many I should think.

    Let's not forget, a solid number of top NHL prospects that are left in lower leagues to developp, but in our scenario those players could play in the NHL right away.

    I guess what I'm trying to get at, is how interesting would an international league with ALL THE TOP PLAYERS be and how many teams there could be given the state of the players' skills around the globe ?

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