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    Art of Sedinery1Wayne Gretzky1201Wayne Gretzky1Bobby Hull
    Art of Sedinery2Bobby Orr1192Bobby Orr2Jean Beliveau
    Art of Sedinery3Gordie Howe1183Gordie Howe3Patrick Roy
    Art of Sedinery4Mario Lemieux1174Mario Lemieux4Sidney Crosby
    Art of Sedinery5Jean Beliveau1165Jean Beliveau5Dominik Hasek
    Art of Sedinery6Bobby Hull1156Bobby Hull6Ray Bourque
    Art of Sedinery7Jaromir Jagr1147Doug Harvey7Howie Morenz
    Art of Sedinery8Doug Harvey1138Ray Bourque8Doug Harvey
    Art of Sedinery9Ray Bourque1129Patrick Roy9Maurice Richard
    Art of Sedinery10Patrick Roy11110Maurice Richard10Eddie Shore
    Art of Sedinery11Maurice Richard11034
    Art of Sedinery12Dominik Hasek1091Ray Bourque1Denis Potvin
    Art of Sedinery13Eddie Shore1082Dominik Hasek2Nicklas Lidstrom
    Art of Sedinery14Sidney Crosby1073Sidney Crosby3Frank Nighbor
    Art of Sedinery15Nicklas Lidstrom1064Howie Morenz4Phil Esposito
    Art of Sedinery16Alex Ovechkin1055Eddie Shore5Jaromir Jagr
    Art of Sedinery17Howie Morenz1046Jaromir Jagr6Guy Lafleur
    Art of Sedinery18Stan Mikita1037Alex Ovechkin7Mark Messier
    Art of Sedinery19Denis Potvin1028Nicklas Lidstrom8Alex Ovechkin
    Art of Sedinery20Phil Esposito1019Denis Potvin9Red Kelly
    Art of Sedinery21Jacques Plante10010Stan Mikita10Stan Mikita
    Art of Sedinery22Red Kelly9956
    Art of Sedinery23Glenn Hall981Frank Nighbor1Martin Brodeur
    Art of Sedinery24Guy Lafleur972Guy Lafleur2Phil Esposito
    Art of Sedinery25Terry Sawchuk963Mark Messier3Glenn Hall
    Art of Sedinery26Bobby Clarke954Martin Brodeur4Sergei Makarov
    Art of Sedinery27Sergei Makarov945Alex Ovechkin5Bobby Clarke
    Art of Sedinery28Frank Nighbor936Glenn Hall6Viacheslav Fetisov
    Art of Sedinery29Viacheslav Fetisov927Stan Mikita7Cyclone Taylor
    Art of Sedinery30Martin Brodeur918Phil Esposito8Joe Sakic
    Art of Sedinery31Mark Messier909Viacheslav Fetisov9Bryan Trottier
    Art of Sedinery32Ted Lindsay8910Terry Sawchuk10Terry Sawchuk
    Art of Sedinery33Joe Sakic8878
    Art of Sedinery34Bryan Trottier871Martin Brodeur1Mike Bossy
    Art of Sedinery35Milt Schmidt862Cyclone Taylor2Ted Lindsay
    Art of Sedinery36Larry Robinson853Joe Sakic3Terry Sawchuk
    Art of Sedinery37Cyclone Taylor844Bill Cook4Newsy Lalonde
    Art of Sedinery38Pierre Pilote835Bryan Trottier5Larry Robinson
    Art of Sedinery39Mike Bossy826Mike Bossy6Steve Yzerman
    Art of Sedinery40Peter Forsberg817Larry Robinson7Chris Chelios
    Art of Sedinery41Marcel Dionne808Terry Sawchuk8Paul Coffey
    Art of Sedinery42Newsy Lalonde799Newsy Lalonde9Brad Park
    Art of Sedinery43Bill Cook7810Ted Lindsay10Ken Dryden
    Art of Sedinery44Syl Apps77910
    Art of Sedinery45Steve Yzerman761Chris Chelios1Brad Park
    Art of Sedinery46Evgeni Malkin752Brad Park2Syl Apps
    Art of Sedinery47Ken Dryden743Syl Apps3Paul Coffey
    Art of Sedinery48Brad Park734Paul Coffey4Ken Dryden
    Art of Sedinery49Vladislav Tretiak725Charlie Conacher5Milt Schmidt
    Art of Sedinery50Paul Coffey716Pierre Pilote6Peter Forsberg
    Art of Sedinery51Earl Seibert707Ken Dryden7Charlie Conacher
    Art of Sedinery52Chris Chelios698Frank Boucher8Pierre Pilote
    Art of Sedinery53Tim Horton689King Clancy9Vladislav Tretiak
    Art of Sedinery54Bernie Geoffrion6710Vladislav Tretiak10Bernie Geoffrion
    Art of Sedinery55Valeri Kharlamov6611
    Art of Sedinery56Andy Bathgate651Milt Schmidt
    Art of Sedinery57Bill Gadsby642Peter Forsberg
    Art of Sedinery58Charlie Conacher633Evgeni Malkin
    Art of Sedinery59Bill Durnan624Pierre Pilote
    Art of Sedinery60Frank Boucher615Charlie Conacher
    Art of Sedinery61Teemu Selanne606Vladislav Tretiak
    Art of Sedinery62Frank Brimsek597Marcel Dionne
    Art of Sedinery63Sprague Cleghorn588Bernie Geoffrion
    Art of Sedinery64Al MacInnis579Earl Seibert
    Art of Sedinery65Chris Pronger5610Frank Brimsek
    Art of Sedinery66Elmer Lach551314
    Art of Sedinery67Dickie Moore541Marcel Dionne1Georges Vezina
    Art of Sedinery68Boris Mikhailov532Andy Bathgate2Tim Horton
    Art of Sedinery69Cy Denneny523Bernie Geoffrion3Al MacInnis
    Art of Sedinery70Bill Quackenbush514Earl Seibert4Teemu Selanne
    Art of Sedinery71Brett Hull505Georges Vezina5Frank Mahovlich
    Art of Sedinery72Henri Richard496Tim Horton6Joe Malone
    Art of Sedinery73Max Bentley487Al MacInnis7Clint Benedict
    Art of Sedinery74Charlie Gardiner478Scott Stevens8Cy Denneny
    Art of Sedinery75Peter Stastny469Teemu Selanne9Bill Durnan
    Art of Sedinery76Joe Malone4510Frank Mahovlich10Dickie Moore
    Art of Sedinery77Frank Mahovlich441516
    Art of Sedinery78Bill Cowley431Anatoli Firsov1Charlie Gardiner
    Art of Sedinery79Russell Bowie422Frank Mahovlich2Cy Denneny
    Art of Sedinery80King Clancy413Joe Malone3Max Bentley
    Art of Sedinery81Nels Stewart404Brett Hull4Jari Kurri
    Art of Sedinery82Joe Thornton395Cy Denneny5Aurele Joliat
    Art of Sedinery83Jari Kurri386Jari Kurri6Brett Hull
    Art of Sedinery84Clint Benedict377Dit Clapper7Bill Durnan
    Art of Sedinery85Ted Kennedy368Clint Benedict8Turk Broda
    Art of Sedinery86Jarome Iginla359Bill Durnan9Boris Mikhailov
    Art of Sedinery87Brian Leetch3410Turk Broda10Sergei Fedorov
    Art of Sedinery88Turk Broda331718
    Art of Sedinery89Anatoli Firsov321Brett Hull1Boris Mikhailov
    Art of Sedinery90Martin St. Louis312Bill Durnan2Ed Belfour
    Art of Sedinery91Scott Stevens303Turk Broda3Zdeno Chara
    Art of Sedinery92Eric Lindros294Elmer Lach4Bill Cowley
    Art of Sedinery93Frank McGee285Boris Mikhailov5Martin St. Louis
    Art of Sedinery94Ebbie Goodfellow276Sergei Fedorov6Nels Stewart
    Art of Sedinery95Jack Stewart267Nels Stewart7Sergei Fedorov
    Art of Sedinery96Borje Salming258Brian Leetch8Brian Leetch
    Art of Sedinery97Toe Blake249Bill Gadsby9Bill Gadsby
    Art of Sedinery98Aurele Joliat2310Borje Salming10Eric Lindros
    Art of Sedinery99Gilbert Perreault221920
    Art of Sedinery100Mark Howe211Joe Thornton1Martin St. Louis
    Art of Sedinery101Dit Clapper202Martin St. Louis2Brian Leetch
    Art of Sedinery102Georges Vezina193Nels Stewart3Tony Esposito
    Art of Sedinery103Pavel Bure184Brian Leetch4Mark Howe
    Art of Sedinery104Rod Langway175Tony Esposito5Russell Bowie
    Art of Sedinery105Tommy Phillips166Bill Gadsby6Toe Blake
    Art of Sedinery106Zdeno Chara157Mark Howe7Eddie Gerard
    Art of Sedinery107Sergei Fedorov148Patrick Kane8Jarome Iginla
    Art of Sedinery108Doug Bentley139Toe Blake9Eric Lindros
    Art of Sedinery109Jiri Holecek1210Eddie Gerard10Sid Abel
    Art of Sedinery110Busher Jackson1121
    Art of Sedinery111Ed Belfour101Tony Esposito
    Art of Sedinery112Serge Savard92Jarome Iginla
    Art of Sedinery113Babe Siebert83Russell Bowie
    Art of Sedinery114Sid Abel74Eddie Gerard
    Art of Sedinery115Erik Karlsson65Toe Blake
    Art of Sedinery116Pavel Datsyuk56Sid Abel
    Art of Sedinery117Jacques Laperriere47Serge Savard
    Art of Sedinery118Norm Ullman38Norm Ullman
    Art of Sedinery119Tony Esposito29Peter Stastny
    Art of Sedinery120Duncan Keith110Pavel Bure
    ImporterExporter1Bobby Orr1201Bobby Orr1Patrick Roy
    ImporterExporter2Wayne Gretzky1192Gordie Howe2Doug Harvey
    ImporterExporter3Gordie Howe1183Wayne Gretzky3Jean Beliveau
    ImporterExporter4Mario Lemieux1174Mario Lemieux4Bobby Hull
    ImporterExporter5Patrick Roy1165Patrick Roy5Maurice Richard
    ImporterExporter6Doug Harvey1156Doug Harvey6Sidney Crosby
    ImporterExporter7Bobby Hull1147Bobby Hull7Ray Bourque
    ImporterExporter8Jean Beliveau1138Jean Beliveau8Dominik Hasek
    ImporterExporter9Maurice Richard1129Maurice Richard9Howie Morenz
    ImporterExporter10Ray Bourque11110Ray Bourque10Eddie Shore
    ImporterExporter11Nicklas Lidstrom11034
    ImporterExporter12Eddie Shore1091Ray Bourque1Mark Messier
    ImporterExporter13Sidney Crosby1082Sidney Crosby2Red Kelly
    ImporterExporter14Mark Messier1073Nicklas Lidstrom3Nicklas Lidstrom
    ImporterExporter15Dominik Hasek1064Dominik Hasek4Frank Nighbor
    ImporterExporter16Red Kelly1055Eddie Shore5Jacques Plante
    ImporterExporter17Jacques Plante1046Howie Morenz6Denis Potvin
    ImporterExporter18Denis Potvin1037Mark Messier7Stan Mikita
    ImporterExporter19Stan Mikita1028Jacques Plante8Guy Lafleur
    ImporterExporter20Martin Brodeur1019Stan Mikita9Phil Esposito
    ImporterExporter21Frank Nighbor10010Alex Ovechkin10Alex Ovechkin
    ImporterExporter22Howie Morenz9956
    ImporterExporter23Cyclone Taylor981Mark Messier1Martin Brodeur
    ImporterExporter24Phil Esposito972Frank Nighbor2Glenn Hall
    ImporterExporter25Larry Robinson963Martin Brodeur3Viacheslav Fetisov
    ImporterExporter26Viacheslav Fetisov954Viacheslav Fetisov4Sergei Makarov
    ImporterExporter27Glenn Hall945Glenn Hall5Bobby Clarke
    ImporterExporter28Alex Ovechkin936Alex Ovechkin6Phil Esposito
    ImporterExporter29Guy Lafleur927Stan Mikita7Cyclone Taylor
    ImporterExporter30Jaromir Jagr918Bobby Clarke8Joe Sakic
    ImporterExporter31Terry Sawchuk909Phil Esposito9Bryan Trottier
    ImporterExporter32Bryan Trottier8910Guy Lafleur10Terry Sawchuk
    ImporterExporter33Ken Dryden8878
    ImporterExporter34Bobby Clarke871Martin Brodeur1Larry Robinson
    ImporterExporter35Chris Chelios862Cyclone Taylor2Chris Chelios
    ImporterExporter36Ted Lindsay853Larry Robinson3Ted Lindsay
    ImporterExporter37Joe Sakic844Bryan Trottier4Mike Bossy
    ImporterExporter38Bill Cook835Bill Cook5Ken Dryden
    ImporterExporter39Mike Bossy826Joe Sakic6Terry Sawchuk
    ImporterExporter40Vladislav Tretiak817Mike Bossy7Steve Yzerman
    ImporterExporter41Sergei Makarov808Terry Sawchuk8Newsy Lalonde
    ImporterExporter42Newsy Lalonde799Steve Yzerman9Brad Park
    ImporterExporter43King Clancy7810Ted Lindsay10Paul Coffey
    ImporterExporter44Steve Yzerman77910
    ImporterExporter45Valeri Kharlamov761Chris Chelios1Ken Dryden
    ImporterExporter46Pierre Pilote752Ken Dryden2Vladislav Tretiak
    ImporterExporter47Henri Richard743King Clancy3Syl Apps
    ImporterExporter48Frank Boucher734Vladislav Tretiak4Charlie Conacher
    ImporterExporter49Earl Seibert725Valeri Kharlamov5Henri Richard
    ImporterExporter50Brad Park716Charlie Conacher6Milt Schmidt
    ImporterExporter51Frank Mahovlich707Syl Apps7Bernie Geoffrion
    ImporterExporter52Evgeni Malkin698Frank Boucher8Pierre Pilote
    ImporterExporter53Frank Brimsek689Henri Richard9Brad Park
    ImporterExporter54Andy Bathgate6710Pierre Pilote10Peter Forsberg
    ImporterExporter55Charlie Conacher66
    ImporterExporter56Sprague Cleghorn65
    ImporterExporter57Bernie Geoffrion64
    ImporterExporter58Paul Coffey63
    ImporterExporter59Syl Apps62
    ImporterExporter60Zdeno Chara61
    ImporterExporter61Duncan Keith60
    ImporterExporter62Georges Vezina59
    ImporterExporter63Anatoli Firsov58
    ImporterExporter64Boris Mikhailov57
    ImporterExporter65Ted Kennedy56
    ImporterExporter66Turk Broda55
    ImporterExporter67Tim Horton54
    ImporterExporter68Scott Stevens53
    ImporterExporter69Peter Forsberg52
    ImporterExporter70Jari Kurri51
    ImporterExporter71Alexander Maltsev50
    ImporterExporter72Al MacInnis49
    ImporterExporter73Chris Pronger48
    ImporterExporter74Milt Schmidt47
    ImporterExporter75Cy Denneny46
    ImporterExporter76Teemu Selanne45
    ImporterExporter77Clint Benedict44
    ImporterExporter78Charlie Gardiner43
    ImporterExporter79Dickie Moore42
    ImporterExporter80Aurele Joliat41
    ImporterExporter81Vladimir Martinec40
    ImporterExporter82Bill Durnan39
    ImporterExporter83Dit Clapper38
    ImporterExporter84Serge Savard37
    ImporterExporter85Valeri Vasiliev36
    ImporterExporter86Max Bentley35
    ImporterExporter87Ed Belfour34
    ImporterExporter88Sid Abel33
    ImporterExporter89Eddie Gerard32
    ImporterExporter90Brett Hull31
    ImporterExporter91Borje Salming30
    ImporterExporter92Brian Leetch29
    ImporterExporter93Toe Blake28
    ImporterExporter94Bernie Parent27
    ImporterExporter95Joe Malone26
    ImporterExporter96Sergei Fedorov25
    ImporterExporter97Bill Quackenbush24
    ImporterExporter98Bill Gadsby23
    ImporterExporter99Doug Gilmour22
    ImporterExporter100Elmer Lach21
    ImporterExporter101Nels Stewart20
    ImporterExporter102Doug Bentley19
    ImporterExporter103Ron Francis18
    ImporterExporter104Roy Worters17
    ImporterExporter105Johnny Bower16
    ImporterExporter106Norm Ullman15
    ImporterExporter107Dave Keon14
    ImporterExporter108Patrick Kane13
    ImporterExporter109Martin St. Louis12
    ImporterExporter110Jarome Iginla11
    ImporterExporter111Mark Howe10
    ImporterExporter112Moose Johnson9
    ImporterExporter113Pavel Datsyuk8
    ImporterExporter114Patrice Bergeron7
    ImporterExporter115Joe Thornton6
    ImporterExporter116Grant Fuhr5
    ImporterExporter117Jack Stewart4
    ImporterExporter118Hod Stuart3
    ImporterExporter119Sweeney Schriner2
    ImporterExporter120Busher Jackson1
    DannyGallivan1Bobby Orr1201Bobby Orr1Bobby Hull
    DannyGallivan2Wayne Gretzky1192Wayne Gretzky2Jean Beliveau
    DannyGallivan3Mario Lemieux1183Gordie Howe3Doug Harvey
    DannyGallivan4Gordie Howe1174Mario Lemieux4Sidney Crosby
    DannyGallivan5Bobby Hull1165Bobby Hull5Eddie Shore
    DannyGallivan6Guy Lafleur1156Jean Beliveau6Howie Morenz
    DannyGallivan7Jean Beliveau1147Doug Harvey7Maurice Richard
    DannyGallivan8Doug Harvey1138Maurice Richard8Dominik Hasek
    DannyGallivan9Eddie Shore1129Patrick Roy9Patrick Roy
    DannyGallivan10Howie Morenz11110Ray Bourque10Ray Bourque
    DannyGallivan11Sidney Crosby11034
    DannyGallivan12Maurice Richard1091Sidney Crosby1Guy Lafleur
    DannyGallivan13Alex Ovechkin1082Dominik Hasek2Red Kelly
    DannyGallivan14Jaromir Jagr1073Ray Bourque3Phil Esposito
    DannyGallivan15Dominik Hasek1064Jaromir Jagr4Denis Potvin
    DannyGallivan16Patrick Roy1055Alex Ovechkin5Jaromir Jagr
    DannyGallivan17Phil Esposito1046Eddie Shore6Nicklas Lidstrom
    DannyGallivan18Stan Mikita1037Howie Morenz7Frank Nighbor
    DannyGallivan19Valeri Kharlamov1028Stan Mikita8Alex Ovechkin
    DannyGallivan20Ray Bourque1019Denis Potvin9Stan Mikita
    DannyGallivan21Sergei Makarov10010Mark Messier10Mark Messier
    DannyGallivan22Nicklas Lidstrom9956
    DannyGallivan23Bobby Clarke981Guy Lafleur1Phil Esposito
    DannyGallivan24Denis Potvin972Phil Esposito2Sergei Makarov
    DannyGallivan25Ted Lindsay963Frank Nighbor3Bryan Trottier
    DannyGallivan26Mike Bossy954Alex Ovechkin4Bobby Clarke
    DannyGallivan27Martin Brodeur945Martin Brodeur5Glenn Hall
    DannyGallivan28Terry Sawchuk936Mark Messier6Viacheslav Fetisov
    DannyGallivan29Larry Robinson927Viacheslav Fetisov7Joe Sakic
    DannyGallivan30Jacques Plante918Glenn Hall8Mike Bossy
    DannyGallivan31Bryan Trottier909Stan Mikita9Martin Brodeur
    DannyGallivan32Steve Yzerman8910Bobby Clarke10Cyclone Taylor
    DannyGallivan33Joe Sakic8878
    DannyGallivan34Mark Messier871Martin Brodeur1Larry Robinson
    DannyGallivan35Red Kelly862Larry Robinson2Mike Bossy
    DannyGallivan36Paul Coffey853Bryan Trottier3Terry Sawchuk
    DannyGallivan37Glenn Hall844Joe Sakic4Ted Lindsay
    DannyGallivan38Cyclone Taylor835Cyclone Taylor5Steve Yzerman
    DannyGallivan39Pierre Pilote826Mike Bossy6Chris Chelios
    DannyGallivan40Frank Nighbor817Steve Yzerman7Paul Coffey
    DannyGallivan41Evgeni Malkin808Bill Cook8Brad Park
    DannyGallivan42Milt Schmidt799Newsy Lalonde9Newsy Lalonde
    DannyGallivan43Marcel Dionne7810Terry Sawchuk10Ken Dryden
    DannyGallivan44Eric Lindros77910
    DannyGallivan45Peter Forsberg761Valeri Kharlamov1Paul Coffey
    DannyGallivan46Brett Hull752Frank Boucher2Pierre Pilote
    DannyGallivan47Frank Boucher743Chris Chelios3Syl Apps
    DannyGallivan48Brad Park734Paul Coffey4Milt Schmidt
    DannyGallivan49Newsy Lalonde725Pierre Pilote5Brad Park
    DannyGallivan50Viacheslav Fetisov716Brad Park6Bernie Geoffrion
    DannyGallivan51Bill Cook707King Clancy7Charlie Conacher
    DannyGallivan52Clint Benedict698Charlie Conacher8Peter Forsberg
    DannyGallivan53Anatoli Firsov689Syl Apps9Henri Richard
    DannyGallivan54Georges Vezina6710Henri Richard10Vladislav Tretiak
    DannyGallivan55Boris Mikhailov661112
    DannyGallivan56Bernie Geoffrion651Evgeni Malkin1Charlie Conacher
    DannyGallivan57Dickie Moore642Pierre Pilote2Bernie Geoffrion
    DannyGallivan58Charlie Conacher633Milt Schmidt3Chris Pronger
    DannyGallivan59Nels Stewart624Marcel Dionne4Frank Brimsek
    DannyGallivan60King Clancy615Bernie Geoffrion5Ted Kennedy
    DannyGallivan61Chris Chelios606Charlie Conacher6Marcel Dionne
    DannyGallivan62Max Bentley597Peter Forsberg7Andy Bathgate
    DannyGallivan63Andy Bathgate588Frank Brimsek8Sprague Cleghorn
    DannyGallivan64Bill Durnan579Vladislav Tretiak9Earl Seibert
    DannyGallivan65Henri Richard5610Earl Seibert10Frank Mahovlich
    DannyGallivan66Charlie Gardiner5513
    DannyGallivan67Chris Pronger541Bernie Geoffrion
    DannyGallivan68Sprague Cleghorn532Andy Bathgate
    DannyGallivan69Tony Esposito523Al MacInnis
    DannyGallivan70Mark Howe514Scott Stevens
    DannyGallivan71Elmer Lach505Marcel Dionne
    DannyGallivan72Vladislav Tretiak496Tim Horton
    DannyGallivan73Joe Thornton487Earl Seibert
    DannyGallivan74Patrick Kane478Frank Mahovlich
    DannyGallivan75Dave Keon469Teemu Selanne
    DannyGallivan76Frank Mahovlich4510Georges Vezina
    DannyGallivan77Martin St. Louis441516
    DannyGallivan78Al MacInnis431Brett Hull1Brett Hull
    DannyGallivan79Jarome Iginla422Dit Clapper2Charlie Gardiner
    DannyGallivan80Duncan Keith413Frank Mahovlich3Bill Durnan
    DannyGallivan81Frank Brimsek404Clint Benedict4Boris Mikhailov
    DannyGallivan82Syl Apps395Bill Durnan5Max Bentley
    DannyGallivan83Ed Belfour386Joe Malone6Aurele Joliat
    DannyGallivan84Cy Denneny377Anatoli Firsov7Cy Denneny
    DannyGallivan85Alexander Maltsev368Cy Denneny8Sergei Fedorov
    DannyGallivan86Dale Hawerchuk359Jari Kurri9Jari Kurri
    DannyGallivan87Aurele Joliat3410Turk Broda10Turk Broda
    DannyGallivan88Serge Savard331718
    DannyGallivan89Ken Dryden321Brett Hull1Eric Lindros
    DannyGallivan90Teemu Selanne312Bill Durnan2Ed Belfour
    DannyGallivan91Sergei Fedorov303Nels Stewart3Duncan Keith
    DannyGallivan92Peter Stastny294Boris Mikhailov4Martin St. Louis
    DannyGallivan93Denis Savard285Elmer Lach5Nels Stewart
    DannyGallivan94Gilbert Perreault276Sergei Fedorov6Boris Mikhailov
    DannyGallivan95Jari Kurri267Turk Broda7Sergei Fedorov
    DannyGallivan96Earl Seibert258Borje Salming8Bill Cowley
    DannyGallivan97Erik Karlsson249Bill Gadsby9Bill Gadsby
    DannyGallivan98Scott Stevens2310Brian Leetch10Brian Leetch
    DannyGallivan99Turk Broda221920
    DannyGallivan100Tim Horton211Eric Lindros1Eric Lindros
    DannyGallivan101Rod Langway202Joe Thornton2Serge Savard
    DannyGallivan102Pavel Bure193Patrick Kane3Mark Howe
    DannyGallivan103Jiri Holecek184Martin St. Louis4Sid Abel
    DannyGallivan104Vladimir Krutov175Duncan Keith5Toe Blake
    DannyGallivan105Toe Blake166Mark Howe6Tony Esposito
    DannyGallivan106Dit Clapper157Serge Savard7Bernie Parent
    DannyGallivan107Tiny Thompson148Tony Esposito8Martin St. Louis
    DannyGallivan108Luc Robitaille139Jarome Iginla9Dave Keon
    DannyGallivan109Pavel Datsyuk1210Dave Keon10Johnny Bower
    DannyGallivan110Drew Doughty1121
    DannyGallivan111Scott Niedermayer101Serge Savard
    DannyGallivan112Johnny Bower92Sid Abel
    DannyGallivan113Borje Salming83Tony Esposito
    DannyGallivan114Guy Lapointe74Toe Blake
    DannyGallivan115Bill Cowley65Bernie Parent
    DannyGallivan116Ted Kennedy56Erik Karlsson
    DannyGallivan117Sid Abel47Jarome Iginla
    DannyGallivan118Brian Leetch38Johnny Bower
    DannyGallivan119Zdeno Chara29Scott Niedermayer
    DannyGallivan120Bernie Parent110Doug Gilmour
  2. bobholly39 Registered User

    Mar 10, 2013
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    Most frustrating aspect of this project for me is not having agreed upon criteria for voting at start of project.

    @DannyGallivan tends to favor who is "better" vs who is "greater". We've argued this a few times throughout. I have no problem with Lafleur at #6 on a list of who is the "best". Nor with Lindros so high. But if we go with the idea that enough longevity makes up for slightly lesser peak - cases of Beliveau > Lafleur and many names above Lindros seem obvious enough.

    Even at the very top of list - we had this argument in regards to Orr vs Gretzky.

    @Art of Sedinery has Jagr at 7. I think he's the only poster who has Jagr higher than me (I think i had him 8th). I do believe that in retrospect i'd bump him down a bit further past 8 though.
  3. DannyGallivan Your world frightens and confuses me

    Aug 25, 2017
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    The positive part of somewhat open interpretation is that it offers more than one perspective, which makes the entire process more interesting. What I like about a lot of these lists are the differences/variances... as long as they can be backed up. Some were outraged at how low C1958 put Gretzky, but I found his case entertaining and interesting (even though I didn't agree one bit). It's not like we're seeing Dennis Maruk or Morris Lukowich cracking anyone's lists. All these players are legends and the space between even those 20 spaces apart isn't always as big as some might think.
  4. Mike Farkas Grace Personified

    Jun 28, 2006
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    I liked the non-specificity of the criteria for the project. All you need to know is in the title...
  5. Nick Hansen Registered User

    Sep 28, 2017
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    Nothing earth-shattering here. IE, how did you reason when it came to Chara and Keith (60 and 61)? Seems a bit high.
  6. Dennis Bonvie Registered User

    Dec 29, 2007
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    Danny with Tony Esposito at 69, thumbs up.

    Other 2 lists, shame.
    DannyGallivan likes this.
  7. DannyGallivan Your world frightens and confuses me

    Aug 25, 2017
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    In retrospect, I would have put Kharlamov lower... definitely lower than Makarov.
  8. MXD Original #4

    Oct 27, 2005
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    I couldn't guess any of whom authored those lists.

    I had litterally had nothing to say about @Art of Sedinery 's list (but I had done too much screening by then)

    I really liked @ImporterExporter 's list, and I had a mental note about it being one of the my favorites (as in : well-constructed with just enough sprinkles to make it non-boring). This is where I started telling QPQ to check out about those lists where Tony O is missing (because he always seemed to me like a possible oversight).

    I think @DannyGallivan 's list is where I started to say that I wasn't judging beauty pageants; MXD-user didn't like it that much (despite quite a few things to like, and a clear pattern), MXD-screener had obviously no issue with it. Guy Lafleur 6th was, and is still, a complete head-scratcher to me.
  9. DannyGallivan Your world frightens and confuses me

    Aug 25, 2017
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    $ 100,000
    In my mind, Lafleur was the most talented forward in Canadiens history, led a Dynasty (actually, the best team in history... and if you don't buy that, easily the best Habs team in history), had the production (first to ever score six straight 50 goal seasons, etc. etc. etc.) was a playoff beast for the most part and was the best player in the world for a stretch. If some people thought that single Hart winner and zero Art Ross right winger Maurice Richard could finish as high as 8th or better, it's certainly no stretch so have Lafleur ahead of him.

    I'm glad my list was screened in! And I'm glad that there was at least one thing about it that provoked some print. And let's also note that whether anybody "likes" a list mainly show similar opinions, and not right/wrong/good/bad. :)
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2019
  10. ImporterExporter "You're a boring old man"

    Jun 18, 2013
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    $ 100,000
    Oblivion Express
    Thanks MXD,

    I want to first off thank @quoipourquoi for running this project flawlessly. I know these take up a lot of time and the HOH community appreciates the huge effort. I surely do.

    Secondly, I'd like to apologize for basically disappearing about the midway point of this project. I had voted up through about spot 50, each and every round but unfortunately I started a new job just after Christmas and it's extremely time consuming (Ops manager for a dedicated transportation account). I simply did not have enough time to properly investigate the threads and give heavy though to the rankings. I did follow along when I could and while I think there are some minor flaws with the list overall, this was an amazing project to be a part of time (first half anyway) and follow along.

    Thank you to everyone who took part and contributed a massive amount of info along the way.

    Hopefully I can be part of future projects and now that I'm getting settled into this new gig will have enough time to join and contribute from start to finish.
  11. DannyGallivan Your world frightens and confuses me

    Aug 25, 2017
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    $ 100,000
  12. ImporterExporter "You're a boring old man"

    Jun 18, 2013
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    Oblivion Express
    I meant to respond to this a while back.

    Chara, to me is the greatest defensive defensmen post lockout, certainly one of the all time greats in that category. He redefined what a big man could do for a blue line, especially during his peak Boston years. Long time Captain.

    His hardware is absolutely stellar for someone who didn't produce a ton of offense which seems to dominate voting records these days. It's nice to see a strong defensive player get the recognition he has over the course of his career.

    He's largely been a strong postseason player. Even this year at 41 years of age he's holding down the fort for Boston on their run to the finals. I've been really impressed with his simple game. He knows his limitations and doesn't try to go beyond those limits.

    I probably had Keith a touch too high, largely on the back of his postseason play.
  13. Dirt 101 Dirt, the famous Nevada railway cat

    Sep 4, 2004
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    79th Bowie
    71st Maltsev
    19th Kharlamov

    Each has a quite early ranking for a great that has an argument to be made, only, we were not allowed to argue for early consideration. We were banned from mentioning let alone arguing for guys on our own lists! THAT was frustrating. If our lists were good enough to be accepted then we should have been able to argue for a guy to be drafted where we listed him at!
  14. wetcoast Registered User

    Nov 20, 2018
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    That really did stand out, maybe he is related to him?

    That aside pretty decent lists all around.
  15. DannyGallivan Your world frightens and confuses me

    Aug 25, 2017
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    When you compare Dad's (I mean "Guy's") peak to that of Beliveau and The Rocket, it shouldn't be "too" shocking. Outside of the box? Definitely. Defendable? Yes.

    When it comes to Hab legends, I think that both history and many voters in this exercise really overrate Maurice Richard and underrate Lafleur.
  16. Midnight Judges HFBoards Sponsor Sponsor

    Feb 10, 2010
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    ImporterExperter is a Pens fan, and that is pretty much the only way to make sense of his views on Ovechkin.

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