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Discussion in 'Pittsburgh Penguins' started by Frederick Stanley, Apr 14, 2014.

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    Mother Base
    New to HFB? Introduce yourself here:

    Traveling to Pittsburgh and have some questions? Ask them here:

    Looking for a new adult beverage to try? Have one to recommend? Check out 'The Beer, Spirits, and Nightlife Thread' here:

    Watcha listening to? Share what's caught your ear in 'The Semi-irregular Music Thread' here:

    Watcha watching? Share your favorite movie or show here:

    Want to talk about the W-B/S Pens? You can do it here:

    Bucs fan? Share the love here:

    Looking for Pens gear or collectibles? Check out this thread:

    If you're in Pittsburgh and would like to watch the Pens practice, check out the UPMC66 schedule here:

    Looking for intel for your fantasy team? Don't start a thread, we'll just delete it or merge it. Post your questions in either the Salary Cap or All Purpose thread.

    We're pretty friendly here, and we like to talk about hockey. Anyone is welcome to join the discussion so long as it stays respectful.
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    If you are having issues with the site, it's probably not something we can help you with locally.

    Please check out the News And Announcements board first. You'll find instructions on how to report issues with ads, as well as any noted issues and their resolutions. You can find it here:

    If you didn't find what you were looking for on the Announcements board, you can start a thread with your question/issue on the Support board. You can find it at the bottom of the main page, or you can use this link:

    Additionally, at the bottom of each page you'll find links to the 'Help' section. You'll find BB codes there, as well as site rules and other information.
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