[VIDEO] Jonathan Bernier Interview on Nelson Mandela -- He Was a Hockey Player?

Discussion in 'National Hockey League Talk' started by JA, Dec 10, 2014.

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    A few days ago, MLSE hosted an event, organized alongside the Nelson Mandela Foundation, to celebrate the life of Nelson Mandela. The next day, the Toronto Raptors uploaded to their official YouTube channel all of the star interviews from that day. In one of them, however, the Toronto Maple Leafs' Jonathan Bernier revealed that he believed that the late former President of South Africa and philanthropist was being remembered as a renowned athlete.

    "He's one of the most known athletes in the world."

    The video was quickly pulled from the Raptors' YouTube channel, but discussion ensued for a full day afterward and Bernier's comments received significant coverage in the hockey world; the HF thread continued until no more could truly be offered.

    Someone has, however, uploaded that interview now to YouTube.

    There's more to the interview than the previous transcript revealed. I've transcribed the above.
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    Wow. What a moron.
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    There was already a long ass thread on this that got closed.
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