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Discussion in 'Hockey Fights' started by Nalens Oga, Oct 10, 2013.

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    I'm one of those people who's indifferent to fighting but thinks it should be kept in the game in order to increase/keep revenue. Now the NHL is too scared to actually market fighting/controversy unlike other sports who make money off of it but what about advertising during fighting?

    Let's say a fight starts and the TV station pops a quick logo at the corner of the screen along with a ticker advertising whatever product....wouldn't that lead to more revenue? And these ad spots might be desirable to companies because fighting leads to youtube hits (which aren't even legal, hits are probably as much if not higher). That number isn't a significant amount of course but I've seen it reach upwards of 100,000 on some fights so the company would be getting more viewership for their ad via online.

    A small logo or ticker wouldn't bother me, it's already there at certain points in the game anyways. Dunno if this belongs in the business section but if I were the league, I'd be trying to milk that fighting cow and basically ignore the journalist **** stirrers.

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