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Discussion in 'The Rink' started by hitmanjat, Oct 22, 2011.

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    Normally I would never consider picking up a pair of used skates, but i found a great deal on a pair of 11k Reebok skates. They were only used a month and from the pictures they look to be in excellent condition.

    The seller says they were never baked, i know that even after a few ice times they can start moulding to the persons foot. I have always bought new, and actually dont even need new skates right now, ( I have the 2009 9ks still in good shape), but i am contemplating them do to the price.

    Just wanted to see what your guys' experience is with used skates?

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    If the 9Ks fit you well, than the 11Ks is definitely an improvement. Much better durability and support. If you're worried about the moulding part, simply take them to a local shop and pay to get them rebaked.

    Used skates should only be considered if the right skate fit and size can be found. If that criteria is satisfied and the skates are in good condition, then used is a great option; especially for kids with growing feet.
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    Even if they were moulded to the guys foot once you heat them again it will put it back.
    I have a pair of used skates from Keven Bieska and I baked it in the bauer oven at the local rink put them on tied them nice and tight and went for a skate. The next time I wore them = no pain.

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