USA impressive at U17s

Discussion in 'NHL Draft - Prospects' started by scoutman1, Jan 2, 2011.

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    I have been very impressed with the USA at the U17s....

    Henrik Samuelsson is a great player for next years draft, he is big, strong, excellent moving with and without the puck, smart, he has great hands, he is an amazing shooter he has excellent shot placement, soft hands, accurate shooting and quick release, he works well in close to the net and is best when he get the puck in and is pressured to shot quickly, he is also a great playmaker, his guy is a future great power forward from what I have seen so far.

    Jacob Trouba - this guy is an amazing QB, he has great accleration and is a good skater, but his first step is very explosive and can move where he wants with one or two strides very quick; his shooting is excellent, he has great IQ for shooting the puck, and his shot is always dangrous and creating something, he has amazing shot placement from the point, he is a good passer out of the zone and is so smart and calm with the puck.

    Seth Jones - The guy to me is going to be a top 3 pick in 2013, this guy screams Chris Pronger out there IMO, with another two years before his draft I think he will be a scary talent. He has been so strong, players are bouncing off him when they try to hit him; he has excellent vision and outlet passing ability, he is able to hit guys other end of the ice with very fast and accurate smooth passes out from behind his net, he is very poised and calm with the puck, he is an excellent skater who uses different gears on the ice and he is very agile and super quick; he is very very smart; good shooter from the point, distributes puck well, takes the body and is good in all three zones out there...this guy is going to be amazing.

    Matthew Lane - small but does not need much room or time to make something happen, he moves well without the puck and is always in the right place at the right time, he needs to improve strength but he is a good goal scorer and good passer.

    Brady Skejei - This guy is a great trigger man from the point, he has a good shot and moves well with the puck, he is great at faking his shot and dishing off a solid pass to an open man, he is a very very good QB.

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