TSN's Play On! Street Hockey Tournament 2006

Discussion in 'The Rink' started by SKuLL, Feb 7, 2006.

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    Hi we are a street hockey club from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada called the Perfect Insanity. TSN Play On! 2006 will be in Edmonton somewhere between mid July and mid August and are we are looking for three players (a goalie and two two-way players) to help fill our roster. We are looking for players within the ages of 17-20 and who also have experience in ball hockey or ice hockey. For the most part we are not looking for people who play street hockey on a regular basis but exceptions will be made if we feel that that person is of a high enough skill level for this tournament. Last year we underestimated the competition and sent in a very weak inexperienced team with the exception of a couple players but this time around we plan to avoid that same problem by putting out a well structured competitive team. If you are interested in playing for the Perfect Insanity this summer, please contact us at [email protected].

    P.S. For people interested in filling the goal position for the P.I.H., we'll let you know now that we will not be providing your with goaltender equipment so you must have your own and it must be roller hockey or ice hockey goalie equipment (mask, chest protector, pants, pads, etc.) if you plan on playing for us. If you only have street hockey goalie gear, we will not even consider putting you on the team. We will however provide you with Black/Silver/White Gear Denial goalie roller hockey pads if you don't have pads or if you do not want to damage your ice hockey/roller hockey pads.
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