Tryamkin's Final Draft Rankings - Top 100 With Analysis

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    After watching/skimming a good 20+ games for the top 10 and at least 3 for the next few rounds, I've gotten a solid idea of my prospect rankings for the draft. They will be different then my mock and the real life results, but in order, this is how I predict the potential, talent, and overall skill of the prospects will rank. Essentially me compiling my best players from the compilation of notes I have throughout the year.

    1. C Nico Hischier
    -Just the best player in the draft, straight up. Injury or not for Patrick, Nico has slightly emerged himself as the best player in the class with his hands and dynamic skating ability that seperate him from the pack. Watch out Erik Karlsson..

    2. C Nolan Patrick
    - The highly skilled point-amassing center has slipped a few places but is still a fantastic option as an elite number one center in the league. His injuries may provide worries, but nevertheless a fantastic skilled player.

    3. D Cale Makar
    - The best defender available by a long shot here, fantastic two-way upside and great offensive potential. He has a certain physical edge to his game that is a must for a smaller player.

    4. C Gabriel Vilardi
    - Vilardi is a high level center that just makes the players around him better. Consistent through out the year, he looks certain to be a playmaking two-way beast in the NHL.

    5. C Elias Petersson
    - The versatile two-way forward is just oozing with high-end potential and skill. He's shot up the rankings for most throughout the year like I knew a player of his caliber would. He does it on both ends of the rink and shows gamebreaking potential at times.

    6. D Miro Heiskanen
    - The smart and safe Finn takes up the number 6 spot where his smarts and poise come in handy. If you are looking for a reliable defender, Heiskanen is your guy. His positioning and defensive awareness are sublime and he even shows some offensive flare at times.

    7. C Casey Mittlestadt
    - The shifty skilled center takes up the number 7 spot. His two-way game and willingness to take defenders into one on one situations set him up for a quick transition into the pros in a few years.

    8. C Cody Glass
    - Glass also has a knack of making the players around him better. His speed and playmaking ability are some of they key attributes of his package. He tends to pass rather than shoot in a Henrik Sedin esque fashion, but that can be fixed rather easily.

    9. C Martin Necas
    - The Czech Maestro plays a very poised two way game. He usually finds himself as the engine of the team, hustling hard to get back and defend properly as well as adding speed and playmaking ability to the attack. Also has a good shot when he pulls it out.

    10. RW Owen Tippett
    - Dare I say pure sniper Owen Tippett was a bullet of a shot, one of the best in the draft. The scoring winger uses his mixture of speed, skill, and size that allows him to get his wicked shot off in a game situation.

    11. D Timothy Liljegren
    - The once franchise touted defenseman is still an elite talent in the draft despite falling down most rankings. He has a good two-way game with the ability to jump into the rush and provide some offensive punch.

    12. C Michael Rasmussen
    - The big 6'5 center isn't all size, he has skill to back it up. Great passing and playmaking skillset. Loves to park in front of the net and is almost impossible to move.

    13. D Juuso Valimaki
    - The Fantastic Finn is a great all around player who plays a solid two way game at a respectable 6'2 200 lbs. He has some offensive potential which can be discovered if used correctly.

    14. C Nick Suzuki
    - Despite being a little undersized, Nick has one of the best skillsets in the league with his dynamic mix of speed and skill. Still plays with a physical edge despite being small and comes back well to help on defense.

    15. D Erik Brannstrom
    - The smaller boom or bust defenseman plays a fantastic possession game and transitions the puck with seamless beauty. Plays the game real hard and just needs to put on some weight and grow a few inches to make a good impact.

    16. LW Kristian Vesalainen
    - The big winger has a solid two way game who can back check well provides a offensive force. He's really a raw talent that shows great upside, the big question mark is his production which has been slightly lacking.

    17. D Nicholas Hague
    -Nick is a big mobile defenseman who plays a smart game. At 6'6 and 210, Nick can play in all situations, even at the base of a power-play. Needs to work on his skating slightly although his mobility is high for a big boy.

    18. RW Klim Kostin
    - Did someone say Russian Factor? I did. Kostin who is a top big power winger in the draft, but has a few small flaws, one of being the Russian Factor where he didn't sign with the Kootenay Ice who drafted him 1st overall in the CHL draft. Big power winger than can get to the net and use his unique skill set. He also needs to work on his inconsistent play.

    19. RW Eeli Tolvanen
    - The sniper has a cannon of a shot off the wing with a skill set of intensity and speed to match. Despite being small can still find open areas to get his shot off. Pro level release and potential for more.

    20. D Pierre Olivier-Joseph
    - My favourite darkhorse prospect. Plays a unique shutdown mobile defensive game, but also shows potential jumping into rushes and creating offense with great vision and passing from the back end as well as a good shot. Also need so gain some muscle mass to make an impact once he fills out his frame. Has the potential to be a top tier PP quarterback.

    21. C/RW Lias Andersson
    -Lias is a versatile Swedish forward who can play center (naturally) or on the wing. He plays a good two way game with a mixed bag of speed and skill which will help him once he reaches the NHL level. Good distributor of the puck.

    22. D Callan Foote
    - Cal is another smart defenseman who makes the right safe moves at the right time. He brings his calming style of play to any defense he joins and plays a very solid defensive game. Uses his active stick to poke pucks loose with one of the best poke checks in his class.

    23. C Ryan Poehling
    - The rising center has shot up the ranking recently with promise of a solid 2nd line center. Needs to work on defensie aspects slightly. Works hard on and off the ice. Hockey IQ and playmaking aspects really stand out in his offensive game.

    24. C Robert Thomas
    - Rob has established himself as a solid two-way playmaking center so far. He always seems to read the game well and know where the play is going ahead of time. Awesome Hockey IQ and understanding.

    25. G Jake Oettinger
    - The top goalie in the class by a slim margin. Very talented. Big and athletic, great at getting over to stop pucks. May not be drafted in the first round due to the success rate of first round goalie picks, but still very good.

    26. C/RW Kailer Yamamoto
    - The smaller versatile player is one of the most skilled players in the entire draft but isn't higher because of his size. Sitting at 160 lbs he needs to grow in order to make any sort of impact. Shot, speed, and skill all check out.

    27. D Connor Timmins
    - The smart defenseman can grow with the right coaching to be a powerplay quarter back and occupy a top 4 role on a team. Makes smart leading transition passes that help the team counter quickly.

    28. RW Kole Lind
    - Kole is a speedy winger than has a lot of talent. Despite being small he still plays a physical game and isn't afraid to drop the gloves once in a while. Also great at creating chances off the wing.

    29. C Filip Chytil
    - Versatile and competitive winger Chytil has a raw tool box that can be expanded and vital if grown well. He has great balance and fantastic speed. Two way forward that needs some work, think long term project, with a good upside.

    30. C Jaret Anderson-Dolan
    - Jaret has dropped down the rankings slightly, but is still highly regarded. Needs to work on defensive aspects to shor up two-way game. Potential for a great shot if worked on, good skill set and speed.

    31. LW Issac Ratcliffe
    - The big 6'6 power forward brings a physical threat with some offensive skills and hands. Can work out to be a solid top 6/9 winger that can chip in with some points every now and then.

    32. LW Jason Robertson
    - Hard working power winger who drives to the net well. Has a great quick release and hands. If he could develop his core skills a little better he can become an elite power forward in the league.

    33. D Henri Jokiharju
    - The mobile defenseman has very few weaknesses in his game and does a lot of things right. Plays a solid all around two-way game; has the tools to play in any situation at the NHL level.

    34. LW Maxime Comtois
    - The once top 5 elite prospect now has a cloud of doubt surrounding his potential talent. Hard working power forward that competes well and has the real potential to be an elite winger but needs to find his point-scoring touch.

    35. C Josh Norris
    - The high-energy, speedy center brings a certain drive to any team he's on. Good puck handling and passing with a good Hockey IQ.

    36. D Urho Vaakanainen
    - The very good defensive two-way beast is very good on even strength and penalty killing in his own end as well as using his stick to intercept passes and knock away pucks.

    37. C Shane Bowers
    - Very steady all around center who doesn't have one standout trait but tons of things he does well. If I was to choose one it would be his offensive instincts, especially when it comes to picking out a pass.

    38. G Michael DiPietro
    - Another great goalie that comes close to Oettinger for the top goalie throne. Slightly small for a goalie, but that allows for great skating and fantastic cross-crease movement.

    39. D Robin Salo
    - Salo is a very responsible and capable defender that can be trusted in many situations. Positionally smart with an active stick. Traditional two-way guy that gets the job done.

    40. C Morgan Frost
    - Frost is a fantastic skater with great acceleration and quickness. Impressed at the combine, first in 30M sprints with and without the puck. Loves to take players one on one. Also a playmaker primarily who likes to dish out the puck and distribute well.

    41. LW Matthew Strome
    - Much like his brother Dylan, has very high hockey IQ off the wing. Fantastic vison and passing skill although he is more of a natural goal scorer. Needs to work on his skating and foot speed to make it.

    42. RW Nikita A. Popugaev
    - Has many great offensive attributes and talents but really needs to shape up his skating and improve it a lot to even reach the NHL level. Standing at 6'6, he can play with a physical edge and has a great wrist shot.

    43. G Ukko-Pekka Luukkonen
    - At an ideal goalie height, 6'4, Ukko-Pekka can get down and cut down angles as well as covering a lot of the net. Has the tendancy to slighlty drift out of position, but has the knack of making highlight reel saves to cover it up well.

    44. C Jesper Boqvist
    - Great skating and quick hands. Always looking to beat a defender and push to the net hard. Still will be a longer project that needs a few years to find his muscle and learn to play with some edge.

    45. LW Jonah Gadjovich
    - Power winger that is good at getting to the right place at the right time. Put up tons of points from assists off of hard working plays and goals off of one timers. Really needs skating work badly and can become a great player if he turns a corner.

    46. G Keith Petruzzelli
    - Another strong goalie this year. Bigger goalie that has good puck handling and cover the net well. Needs to control rebounds better and stay consistent.

    47. C Joni Ikonen
    - Good skater with top-end offensive skill and great hand eye coordination. Needs to grow and gain some weight as he has trouble containing tougher and bigger opponents.

    48. C Marcus Davidsson
    - Playmaking two way center with great passing skills and vision. Can really take off with fast acceleration. Slick skating and great Hockey IQ. Always can pick out tough passes.

    49. C Grant Mismash
    -Gritty, physical forward who plays hard on both ends of the ice and isn't afraid to throw his weight around + be a pest. Corey Perry esque.

    50. D David Farrance
    - Skates well and can transition the puck really well. Has a booming accurate shot and can pick out passes to start a rush. Has makings of a top defender in him, just needs to pull them out and work on them.

    51. D Josh Brook
    - Good two way defender that shows both offensive and defensive promise. Good passer as well as vision and hcokey IQ. Also good positionally to make plays and shut down offense.

    52. D Max Gildon
    - Good at nailing slapshots and wristers from the point with power and accuracy. Good passing and stickhandling for a defender. Has the size and skill to play physically but needs to embrace it and play with an edge.

    53. D Markus Phillips
    - Smooth skating defenseman with a good slapper and wrist shot. Good positionally and shutting down one on ones, as well as cutting of angles to the net with his IQ and positioning.

    54. RW Ivan Lodnia
    - The slick skating skilled winger has nice hands and a great hockey IQ. Also very agile and not afraid to hand off the puck with a good pass. Needs to work on defense and gaining some muscle.

    55. D Cale Fleury
    - Good defensive positioning and use of his size. Has smarts and vision on the ice, but needs to improve his skating and shot to become a weapon. Also could play with a mean streak that he lacks.

    56. C Morgan Geekie

    - The fast rising Geekie has a solid two-way game as well as a balanced attack and an attribute to get down and dirty in front of the net. Could utilize his size more and gain some muscle.

    57. D Eemeli Rasanen
    - Raw talent with a booming shot and ability to block off lanes and strip away pucks. Could use a quicker shot release and needs a skating fix to increase his mobility.

    58. C Stelio Mattheos
    - Stepped up well in the absensce of Nolan Patrick and Ivan Provorov for Brandon. Solid two way forward who can score goals and drives to the net hard.

    59. D Luke Martin
    - Very good defensive defenseman with multiple attributes that stand out like positioning, gap control, and battle winning. Not know for his offense at all. Also good with skating.

    60. G Ian Scott
    - Big goalie who can see over traffic well. Great anticipation and control of bouncing rebounds. Has a tendancy to cheat of of his net a bit.

    61. LW Alex Formenton
    - Good stick handler with lots of speed and a decent shot. Needs to fill out his frame more. Lacks Hockey IQ and needs to play more physical.

    62. D Jarret Tyszka
    - Very smart defenseman with a long stride and fantastic transition game. Sometimes plays too safe and needs to take more risks on the ice. Also needs to add some muscle.

    63. RW Nick Henry
    - Distrubutes the puck well and has a good hockey sense. Good skater that needs to work on filling out his frame and shooting the puck rather than passing because he has a good shot that he rarely uses.

    64. C Evan Barratt
    - Sniping center with a high IQ and good positional awareness. Always finds right spot to set up shop and wait for a pass. Also great defensively, very strong two-way skill.

    65. G Stuart Skinner
    - Calm and composed goalie who uses his quickness and size to come out of his net and cut down good scoring angles from attackers. Defens his net well.

    66. C/W Scott Reedy
    - Versatile two-way center that has a high ceiling, though he seems better suited to end up on the wing. Very good skating and stick handling. Playmaking skills excel but needs to work on defensive aspects.

    67. C Ostap Safin
    - A big bodied center man that can produce some offense but will have a hard time reaching his high ceiling. Defensively sound with good positioning but needs to work on improving his inconsistencies.

    68. C/W Antoine Morand
    -Another skilled center who has many talents like his speed and elusive skating to add to his great array of shot selection. May end up on the wing as well because of his lack of size.

    69. C Aleksi Heponiemi
    - The skilled center has been all over most rankings but should find himself as an early 3rd rounder. Great playmaking and defensive skills with a strong two-way game. Needs to work on his physical game as well as staying in the center of the play and not drifting.

    70. C Mackenzie Entwistle
    - Despite having a weak offensive game, Mackenzie's defensive grit and speed on backchecking. Great size and good skating. Could turn into a solid two-way guy with some offensive work.

    71. D Ian Mitchell
    -Very good at skating and transition play, moving the puck out of his zone with safe hands. Good vision passing well but needs some work on his shot. Also has a quick stick and good gap control.

    72. C Alexei Lipanov
    - Good two way center who shows potential as a great defender. Needs to add some muscle mass and use his shot more often which can be a weapon if used correctly. Smart player with a high IQ.

    73. D Tommy Miller
    - Pro frame who can skate well and play well on the powerplay with a decent shot and some good vision. Needs to work on some of his defensive aspects slightly.

    74. C Sasha Chmelevski
    - Accurate passes who is a fantastic playmaing center with great vision and high acceleration. Can really break away from defenders and loves to use his smooth hands.

    75. G Olle Eriksson Ek
    - High potential goalie who is quick moving from side to side, making pad stops with good reactions. Brother of Joel Eriksson Ek.

    76. C Adam Ruzicka
    - The Slovakian center is a big physical player with a great hockey IQ and some fore-checking poise. He needs to on his skating and defensive coverage to hone his game.

    77. D Mario Ferraro
    - The smooth skating diverse defenseman is a very consistent defenseman who needs to add some size and work on his shot to make a push to the NHL. Good all around game.

    78. D Michael Anderson
    - Smart positional defender who has an underrated shot from the point and can play massive shifts. Needs to improve skating and physical aspects as well as continue to work on offense.

    79. D Dylan Samberg
    - The 6'3 defender showcases a big frame with a wicket shot from the point. Also is quite mobile for being a big guy. Has a high ceiling and it's believed that he can still develop tons. Needs to improve his positioning as well as some offensive traits to add to his shooting.

    80. D Jack Rathbone
    - Great skater who can quarterback the powerplay and transition the puck with flare. Sometimes struggles to make decisions leading to errors. Also needs to grow muscle and height.

    81. C Alexander Texier
    - The fast skating French man is lightning fast with great acceleration. Also has very soft hands and makes plays on the rush. Has a lot of upside.

    82. C Jake Leschyshyn
    - The two way center is coming off of an ACL tear but shows potential to be a solid top 6 center in the league. His work ethic and fast skating are his key attributes; loves to blow by defenders. Needs to work on some aspects of his skating.

    83. C Nate Schnarr
    - Two way center with a solid defensive game and great hockey IQ. Thinks the game well. His work ethic shows he puts in a lot of work on the ice.

    84. D Brady Lyle
    - Mobile defenseman who makes smart choices on the back end. Could use some growth. Great transition and an active stick as well as some good offensive ability.

    85. RW Lane Zablocki
    -The versatile winger plays a multi faceted game with an accurate shot and quick passes. He plays a simple game, but doesn't have any elite atributes that stand out to me. He also is seen taking some penalties out of frustration.

    86. C Mason Shaw
    - Despite being undersized, Mason is a great skater which can counter the size issue. Very good passing and vision, great at pulling out fancy saucer passes and plays with flair at times. Boom or bust in the sense that he needs to hit his stride offensively.

    87. C/W Kyle Olson
    - The versatile forward can play center or winger well. Smart player with a high hockey IQ and great playmaking skills. Also puts in lots of work whenever on or off the ice. Needs to gain some weight.

    88. LW Ty Lewis
    - Good hockey sense, and key contributor on the power play. Needs to put up more offense on even strength. Good consistent player who forechecks hard. Needs to use his shot more.

    89. D Filip Westerlund
    - The high potential defenseman has good mobility and nice stick-handling from the back end. Good accuracy on both wrist and slap shot, but needs power to make it effective.

    90. RW Alexey Toropchenko
    - Very talented winger has top line upside. Boom or bust pick that has a great shot and speed off the wing. He's played center but is most usually a winger which is where he should be.

    91. C/W Pavel Shen
    - Highly skilled Russian forward that can play both center and wing. Distributes the puck well and has a good shot. Not afraid to play physically either despite being only 183 lbs. Potential to be a big steal.

    92. D Artyom Minulin
    - Two way defenseman who plays a smart game with little flash. Good distributor and ice vision from the back end. Needs work on his skating and size. Sometimes gets burned by fast forwards.

    93. D Reilly Walsh
    - THe smart mobile defenseman is a solid two-way guy that has smart offensive instincts and can shut players down defensively but needs to think more critically on the defensive side of the game.

    94. C Zach Gallant
    - Zach plays a great two-way game and isn't afraid to get physical on and off the puck. Wins tons of faceoffs but needs some help with his skating, specifically his first few strides.

    95. RW Kirill Maksimov
    - Very fast playmaking winger than has good acceleration and top speed. Sets up his team well and forechecks effectively. Needs to work on defensive aspects and using his size (6'2) as an advantage.

    96. D Noel Hoeffenmayer
    - Smart defender who has very good anticipation and an active stick to break up and intercept passes often. Positionally sound and very good transition game.

    97. RW Lucas Elvenes
    - Another boom or bust winger with fantastic stick-handling skill and a good defensive game for a winger. Slick skating and hands but tends to do too much sometimes resulting in turnovers.

    98. RW Maksim Sushko
    - Sniper that has a very quick release and a shot that is NHL ready. He also acts as a playmaker, setting up his teammates with passes through tough angles and picking out passes.

    99. RW Jonas Rondbjerg
    - The smart Danish winger has a strong hockey IQ and transitions the puck very well. However his shot is a little lacking as well as his physical attributes. Can become a solid middle 6 winger with time.

    100. D Benjamin Mirageas
    - The smooth skating defenseman has a big body that he uses to his advantage from the point. He also passes the puck well and loves to shoot. He needs to work on his poise on the puck. Viewed as a long term project.

    D Dmitri Samorukov
    - Big 6'2 defender with a wicked powerful shot from the point. He uses his physical edge as an advantage in game. Shows leadership capability and can be depended on. Needs to work on his skating.

    C Tyler Steenbergen
    - After being undrafted last year, Tyler tore it up with 90 points in 72 WHL games. He's a great skater with a nice wrist shot and effective passing, distributes the puck well.

    LW Jacob Tortora
    - Flying under the radar, the forward is small at 5'8, 180 lbs, but has elite skating and very good puck skills that he shows off every game. He needs to work on his defensive instincts.

    LW - Petrus Palmu
    - The Finn has elite NHL talent such as strong defense, playmaking skills, blazing speed, hockey IQ, and a great shot, but his super small 5'6, 179 frame really needs to grow to accomplish anything. He's been passed over last year but if he hits a late spurt he can be a real threat.

    Bless your heart if you read this 4,425 word post. <3
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    Well that's new. Safin has possibly one of the highest ceilings in the draft, just low chance of reaching it.
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    My bad, I must've mixed up notes. He has a high ceiling for sure. I was in a rush to compile all this because of the draft tomorrow and rushed through the last half, there's bound to be mistakes considering it's around 5,000 words haha. Thanks for pointing it out.
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    You a real one.
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    Thanks dude,

    I like to think of this as a raw read and a prospect guide.
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    Nice list

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