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Discussion in 'HFNHL Talk' started by Mandaou, Mar 6, 2007.

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    (HAP) With the trading deadline still about 20 games away it appears teams have decided to get a very early start. One of those teams happens to be the Flyers.

    After acquiring perennial all-star goalie Martin Brodeur on the weekend the Flyers made another deal shipping out Pascal Leclaire, the young goalie with immense talent along with Thomas Pock, Nils Ekman and 2 3rd rounders for some depth on the wings and on defense. Coming Philly's way will be wingers Trent Hunter and Adam Hall along with veteran defenseman Brent Sopal.

    "We really needed some quality veteran depth and leadership. All the players we acquired today are under 30 and are signed for at least 2 years. Hunter is a quality winger with some upside as is Hall. Sopel is a steady veteran who'll help our 3rd line pairing and possibly get some PP time on the 2nd line."

    The GM told the crowd that gathered at the press conference that he may one day regret trading a goalie prospect with so much talent as Leclaire but with the team making a playoff push and the expected signing of Brodeur to happen shortly the team could afford such a move.

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