Confirmed with Link: TRADE: Bruins get Nick Holden from NYR for Rob O'Gara and third round pick

Discussion in 'Boston Bruins' started by VanIsle, Feb 20, 2018.

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    I agree with you. Just assuming that's where his comment was going.
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    I assume that's what he's arguing. You know if Donny Sweeney was a really good GM he'd go all Toyna Harding of Nash and Grabners knees. I mean how can he just sit there and let another team trade their own players to some other team and get draft picks? This place is truly insane sometimes.

    Seriously, we are miles ahead of where the vast majority of honest fans would admit they thought we'd be on this retool and Sweeney makes a trade for a left shooting depth defenseman and people get crazy.

    This is the list of the 8 D we used against Ottawa last year in PO:

    Chara (6gp) - fine
    KMillar (6gp) - fine
    Liles (6gp) - JML could only crack a fairly weak defense a total of 36 times during regular season.
    McAvoy (6gp) - in hindsight that is fine NOW. Last year he was a 19 year old kid who'd played ZERO NHL games. ZERO.
    Morrow (5gp) - yes, that Joe Morrow that can't crack Habs horrible defense.
    C Miller (4gp) - in hindsight that might be fine NOW. But last year he was just a promising but very inconsistent kid. Not what you'd think of as a playoff go to guy just yet.
    McQuaid (2gp) - fine except it was only two games meaning more Morrow, Miller, Liles and Cross play.
    Cross (1gp) - nice kid but given he's had 3 NHL regular season games over his career not exactly a playoff go to guy.

    This is not to slag off ANYONE on the list above. They did a remarkable job and gave it 100%. We should commend them for that series against Ottawa that was close -- and without Karlsson we would have won it. BUT ----------- anyone looking at that list and considering the injury rash we had at the start of the season whining about a minor transaction for a left shooting depth defenseman is just looking for something to gripe about. Life is too short to be so negative.
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