TSN: Top 50 players, PK Subban #27, Carey Price #51

Discussion in 'Montreal Canadiens' started by sharks9, Sep 25, 2013.

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    I'd respond to this by saying that your argument is all conjecture. IF he had stayed healthy and IF he kept scoring at that pace.

    One story is about things that might have been, the other simply quoted the actual record. Which one of those two stories would you be more inclined to characterize as living in a dream world?

    Let me state again, I'm not tryin to convince anyone how good Karlesson is. I'm simply explaining that there is empirical evidence that he did very very well which explains the widely help opinion about the man, it isn't all sens fan hype.
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    If Waite's help takes, the only goalie I can't see Price being better than is Quick.

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