Top 25 centers in 2006?

Discussion in 'NHL Draft - Prospects' started by Safir*, Feb 13, 2006.

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  1. Safir*

    Safir* Guest

    Hi everybody,

    I would like to know, which players are the best centers in the upcoming draft. The problem is that sometimes a center in junior or college won't be a center in the NHL. For example, I read that Kessel migh as well be a RW in the NHL and not a center or Nathan Horton he plays RW for the Panthers, but was listed as a center before the draft. You get the point.;)

    As a Thrasher fan, I like to know because the team is in serious need of a couple of good center prospect and I hope that Waddell take at least two centers in 2006.
  2. Safir*

    Safir* Guest

    C'mon on now over 200 views and no answer. :dunno: :confused:

    According to McKeen's the rankings are:

    1.) Kessel
    2.) Staal
    3.) Backstrom
    4.) Toews
    5.) Mueller
    6.) Brassard
    7.) Little
    8.) Sheppard
    ...what about the rest? :dunno:
  3. VanW27

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    I think Sheppard will be better suited to playing the wing in the NHL.
  4. Jaded-Fan

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    Something like 9 of the top 10 propects are centers. The list above is a good start on who they are. It is all centers all the time up top except for Johnson. One reason why I was thinking if my Pens end up with Kessel they will have to move him from his natural position, center, to wing.
  5. I think the hard part about predicting which players will play center in the NHL is that teams usually draft the best player available. But their needs are slightly different so they move a player from their natural position to one that meets those needs. Guys like Tanguay, Gagne and as you mentioned Horton were all drafted as centers and were moved to the wing. IMHO, I think the key is to look at the players who are good in the faceoff circle as to who will stay centers (a secondary thing to look at is who could be good playmakers).
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