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    Does it look like he'll stick around with the Rangers? The boys in blue sure know how to ruin a talented prospect (cough... Kloucek... cough). Wonder how they will handle Tjutin.
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    *cough* don't be so ignorant *cough*

    Kloucek tore his ACL and had 2 serious concussions, but I wouldn't expect you to mention that since your only intent is to rag on the rag$!

    Tjutin was less then impressive in training camp and in his first few preseason games. Was eventually sent down but brought up immediately to fill in for Poti because he was out with injuries. In that game he was easily our best player, scored a goal, threw the body around, played great and earned praise from Messier and all the major papers around here. He also got himself another chance and played Wednesday night against the Devils and did good. I'm not sure if he's playing again tonight. He's not going to make the team because well despite his performance of late it's pretty apparent from his first games he needs some time in the AHL. Another thing to note is he was outplayed by Bryce Lampman another young ranger defensive prospect, so if he hadn't been injured he'd likely be the only young guy to make the team to fill in for Leetch. It wasn't like these guys will be up with the team for the entire season, our D is already set.

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