Thrashers Make Dough in Endorsements

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    The Thrashers, still reeling from not making the playoffs announced that they had faired pretty well in the financial department. Speculation was that the Thrashers would once again lose money and further jeopardize their chances at making a legitimate bid for the playoffs in the next couple of seasons. Or even worse, not be able to afford the big contracts they signed with Gaborik and Gagne. The Thrashers were pleased to announce that they more or less broke even, depending on if there is any T.V. revenue shared this year. If there is T.V. revenue shared to the teams they will have turned a pretty good profit. As it stands the Thrashers did make good on a couple endorsements, which should put their bank in a healthy state sitting close to 30 million dollars.

    Thrashers Endorsement Results:

    Synergy - Must improve 20 points from previous season.
    Points last season 53
    Points this season 75
    Success! $3,500,000

    Energizer Battery - Powerplay of %16 or top 5
    Thrashers PP %19
    Success! 3,500,000 (Only two teams actually didn't get 16%, this one might want to be evaluated)

    Budweiser Beer - Forward who scores 40 goals
    Thrashers Top Goal Scorer - Steven Stamkos 33 goals
    Failure! (who would have thought with Stamkos and Gaborik)

    Total spent: $3,500,000
    Total Profits:$7,000,000 (Not bad, doubled my money)

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