Thrasher dealt punishing blow

Discussion in 'HFNHL Talk' started by ThrashersGM, Feb 20, 2007.

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    The Thrashers lost the services of their top goaltender Robert esche for at least 2-4 weeks. Only days after Jose Theodore was waived and claimed by the Hurricances. The result is the Thrashers were forced to sign thier first round pick Devan Dubnynk to a three year $800,000 deal to fill the void. Backup Clemmenson will start his first game as a Thrasher and is not expected to fair all that well with little HFNHL experience under his belt. The Thrashers are baring down for what could be a very tough 2-4 weeks. Already the second worst team in the league the Thrashers are quickly falling out of any contention for any kind of respectable finish. Rumors are floating around the Jason Allison and Petr Sykora will be on their way out soon which would help the Thrashers out on the financial side but not on the winning percentage.

    GM Ryan Archer was quoted as saying that he is not concerned with how the Thrashers finish as there was little hope for them to do any damage this year anyway. He stressed for the players to take it easy and not to take anything to heart, there is no pressure to win in Atlanta. Season ticket holders are not happy with these comments but in recent years there hasn't been much sales in that department and the Thrashers rarely ever have more than 10,000 in attendance and when they do it's only to see the other team.

    Having stocked up on a fair amount of draft picks the thrasher look to rebuild the good old fashion way.

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