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Discussion in 'International Tournaments' started by espo*, Jan 4, 2005.

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    So the clash of the titans is almost upon us. Old foes who know a thing or two about battling each other are about to lock horns again in what should be a dandy tilt. Some people are calling victory for either side by a margin of 3-4 goals but historically Russia and Canada have been so evenly matched talent wise that it is rare there are knock out domination wins,they are usually 1-2 goal victories for the winning side.I don't see that changing this year either.I have only seen one game Russia was involved with in this tournament so far so i can't make an educated call on just how good they are but it's not a secret what their advertised strentghs are.
    I do know Canada and know it is the best team i've seen us send for ages.Glass will see more quality shots then he has seen up to this point(practically none) and Russia will see the best forecheck and backcheck they have seen to this point.What will win out? Can Glass hold the fort? Can Russia's talented forwards penetrate Canada's stellar defense enough to win? Can Russia's defense handle four talented Canadian lines? Can Canada maintain Ovechkin,Malkin and co? I am saying the game will end 3-2 or 4-3 but i'll go with 4-3 Canada.We may make it 5-3 with an empty net but i think the game will end with Russia pulling the goalie but can't score but Canada also failing to get an empty net goal as the pressure in their zone will be too much to get the empty helper. 4-3 canucks in a wild game.
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