"There's Something Magical About this Sejna Kid"

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    There's Something Magical About This Sejna Kid
    By Larry Wigge

    This is a very good, but long, article about Sejna containing a lot of quotes from players about him.

    Here's a few of the highlights...

    "That was more than just any old goal. That kid was around the net a lot. I saw him play a couple of times on TV when he was at Colorado College. He looks like he's got some great hands -- and it looks like he's got some game."

    "Do I believe in instant chemistry? Sure I do. I clicked from the first shift in Edmonton when Bill Guerin and I were together. Same with Ryan Smyth. And Cory (Stillman) and Bogie (Eric Boguniecki) and I were pretty good out of the gates last season. But I don't want to get ahead of myself and say that Peter is going to score 40 goals or something like that as a rookie.

    Without making a comparison with Bill Guerin or anyone else I've played with, I thought Peter and I knew pretty much where each other was going to be. Hey, I don't know if we are going to play one game or 200 together, but I liked the first game. It wouldn't be wrong to say that I'm definitely interested and I'm definitely excited about the prospects. He is certainly quick out there and is tremendously skilled.

    "What I like about him is the way he sees the ice. You can tell he's an intelligent kid. He asks a lot of questions, like where I want the puck and what I'd like to see him do in certain situations. As the first game together went along, he might come up to me and say, 'My fault.' By the end of the game, we were laughing and talking a lot. Each play he was telling me what he was thinking and wanting to know what I was thinking. You've got to have that kind of communication to make a line work.

    "It's not hard to see why he stood out at the college level. What is impressive is that he is eager to do whatever it takes to be his best at this level. You know, I remember something my Dad told me when I was young: Don't get mad at a winger if he doesn't do things the same way as you do. Work with him. He can become your best friend -- and he was right about that."

    "It's really great to see, watching the kind of chemistry he and Dougie have struck up so quickly. That kind of chemistry is sometimes hard to find -- and you really need it. Look at Detroit and Colorado and how they've won Stanley Cups with at least two great scoring lines."

    "There's something happening on almost every shift with Dougie and Peter out there. Peter's got great creativity with the puck."

    "You can see that Peter really has good natural instincts and vision on the ice that probably comes naturally to him. Peter seemed to get better when the game was on the line. He really has good moves around the net -- and a real quick stick."

    "If you haven't seen him in practice, you should watch Peter Sejna. I think he's got one of the great shots in the game. He's got a release where the first time you see it, you say, 'Wow!' His release is quick and the velocity of his shot might surprise you."

    BTW... the title up top is the LINK.
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    Mod... I accidently put this in the wrong forum.. please move it to the prospect forum.
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    He scored the first goal against the Jackets today on a rebound. Don't know if he took the orginial shot or not. Regardless, I think he's top Calder candidate if he plays within the Blues top six. He's going to score 50 points this season with Weight on the line.
  4. He's good right now and will get better.. that's all I can say.. :bow:
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