The owners aren't solid, nor are the players.

Discussion in 'Fugu's Business of Hockey Forum' started by HughJass*, Oct 9, 2004.

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    How can the New Jersey Devils be allowed to sign players to minor league contracts and not be penalized? This is why the NHL is so unique when it is compared to the other pro sports: it's full of hypocritical shenanigans. Hmmm, owners exploiting a system that were already getting screwed on; a rich history of SOB's that includes the likes of Ziegler and Eagleson; a player's union that has player's playing in other leagues instead of trying to worry about their situation according to the NHL; owners with the knowledge they are heading to a lock out still signing players to big salaries; owners with the knowledge they are heading to a lock out still signing very old players to big salaries; owners being allowed to strengthen organization depth by signing NHL-calibur veterans to minor league contracts.

    Why am I to expect this lockout to end soon? Why am I expect the Carolina Hurricanes to ever skate in Raleigh again? Why am I expect for a league to still be named the "National Hockey League" when this is all done?

    I'm sick and tired of sports altogether. I swear I'm very close to closing all sports out of my life. All I want is a little distraction from life, but all I get to hear about is "steriods" or "spouse abuse" or "DUI's" or "arbitration" or "lockouts" instead of hearing about "wicked curveballs" or "wicked slapshots".

    I'm really, really sick of it.
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    The seats you would have bought will just be sold to the next person in line, and that's unfortunately the mentality of the current owners I feel. There is no desire to keep the current market of interest, just for them it comes down to the lowest common denominator, the dollar. It's a business first and foremost, we all can understand that, but they are abandoning their audience, and certainly not listening to them.

    I've had many of the same feelings about it as well, but I'm holding out hope for something better to emerge. I can tell you that many days I regret the time I ever found discussion boards and other routes to people's opinions online, because so much of it is negative, which only feeds to any possible negative thoughts you may possess.

    Imagine how you might feel differently if you had never spoke to anyone about the lockout, nor ever heard anyone else's opinion. You'd be pissed, but life goes on, and when hockey came back you'd be happy. Instead, we are all here to dwell on it together, leaving many bitter even after it's resolved.
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    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ is the root of all EVIL!!!!
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