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    Inside the hive mind: How the Bruins’ first line thought...

    Marchand was turning and going up the middle quickly. Usually, Bergeron would have handed off the puck to his in-stride linemate.
    But Bergeron saw a white jersey skating across the red line. It was Brady Tkachuk, going off for an ill-timed change. (Rookies.)
    Bergeron knew that whoever jumped on for Tkachuk (it would be Alex Formenton) would hop over the wall just in time to blunt Marchand’s approach.
    “It seemed like it was open if I give him the puck,” Bergeron said of the seam to Marchand. “But then there’s another guy who’s taking [Tkachuk’s] shift. He would have jumped on the ice and been right in his face. So I was like, ‘I can’t really give it to him.’”


    Still, it required Bergeron to swipe a backhand pass around Wideman, through Mike Condon, and onto Pastrnak’s blade. It was exactly what he intended to do.
    “The puck landed. They’re not always going to land like that and have perfect timing like it did,” Bergeron said. “But my intention was to make that pass. Yeah.”

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