Speculation: The delay in contract extensions - a good thing?

Discussion in 'New York Rangers' started by Blue Blooded, Sep 29, 2013.

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    Little has been reported regarding the potential contract extensions of Lundqvist, Callahan, and Girardi. We know that they are talking with Lundqvist's camp, and there doesn't seem to be significant progress there yet, but I haven't heard anything about talks being initiated with Callahan and Girardi yet.

    Could this be a good thing?

    Isn't it better to wait and see how the players perform in AV's new system before handing out (likely) long-term extensions?

    I have no doubt that Hank still will be one of the top goaltenders in the league regardless of system. But I also think that Torts' system, where we didn't just block shots - we specifically blocked high-percentage shots while allowing low-percentage ones, should have inflated his save percentages.

    Girardi - perhaps the best in the league at the above mentioned high-percentage blocking, but less good at breakout passing and pinching in in the offensive zone.

    Callahan - Probably the player that will be affected the least by the coaching change. May see a diminished role 5v5, but he doesn't score much there anyway. If AV can improve the PP, he may flirt with 35 goals given he gets to keep his role in front of the net on the first unit.

    I'd prefer waiting until January or even the Olympic break, before handing out the extensions. It would be idiotic to let any of them walk, but their performance up until then will likely have an impact on the negotiations.

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