The D.C. Sports Curse

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    The District of Columbia, the capital of the United States, and home of the most disappointing professional sports teams. Let’s talk disappointment of the four major D.C. sports teams that matter, sorry D.C. United. In the NHL, the Washington Capitals. In the NFL, the Washington Redskins. In the MLB, the Washington Nationals. Lastly, in the NBA, the Washington Wizards. I am 6,713 days old, i’m 18. I have never watched my D.C. area teams in a Conference Final. Now when was the last time one of my D.C. teams were in a championship and how close have they gotten since i’ve been alive?

    The Washington Wizards, NBA. Now to set the record straight I am a New York Knicks fan, however my brother is a huge Wiz fan and I tend to watch more Wiz games over the year since I do live in Virginia. The Wizards were renamed in 1997 and have never been to a conference final despite four appearances in the round prior, keep this trend in mind. The Washington Bullets, the predecessor of the Wizards, won the 1978 NBA Championship defeating the Seattle Supersonics winning the Wizards sole franchise championship. Also, the Knicks lost in the Conference Finals when I was a few months old and have done nothing since adding to my personal disappointment.

    The Washington Nationals, MLB. On to our second disappointment, again I am not actually a Nats fan as I root for the New York Yankees. Since moving to Washington in 2005, the Nationals have lost in the NLDS three times. The predecessor Montreal Expos have also helped disappoint this entire franchise. The Expos made it to the NLCS once and lost, talk about a disappointing franchise. Luckily I am a Yankees fan so I have been alive for two World Series Championships. The only championship I remember for any of my sport teams was the 2009 World Series when my Yankees beat the Phillies.

    The Washington Redskins, NFL. My sole NFL team and what I consider to be the only team on this list that doesn’t disappoint every year in the playoffs. Hard to disappoint in the playoffs if you can’t make the playoffs. The Redskins won two NFL Championships way back when and have won three Super Bowls. Of the five times we’ve made the playoffs since I’ve been alive we’ve been eliminated by the Seattle Seahawks three times. They’ve been to the second round twice obviously losing.

    The Washington Capitals, NHL. The last D.C. team to play in a Conference Championship and they would win and advance to the Stanley Cup for the only time in franchise history. They got swept by the Detroit Red Wings, nothing but disappointment since then. They’ve lost to the Penguins five times and been eliminated in the second round six times. It has been 7,259 days since a D.C. team was in a Conference Championship or better. That’s nineteen years and two months since the Capitals played game four of the 1998 Stanley Cup Finals.

    When is the last time a D.C. team won an actually championship? It has been 9,592 days since, that’s over twenty six years. The Washington Redskins won the 1992 Super Bowl for the most previous D.C. championship. This was all about the drought of D.C. sports, commonly known as the D.C. curse. D.C. as a whole has four major championships ever, one less than Tom Brady. Since June 16, 1998 D.C. teams have been in the round prior to the Conference Championship fifteen times. They are 0-15 in those series.

    The Wizards just got eliminated by the Toronto Raptors in the first round of the playoffs on Friday. The Nationals play the Pittsburgh Pirates tonight and are currently 13-16 and forth in their division. The Redskins finished up their draft on Saturday and went 7-9 and missed the playoffs in their previous campaign. The one team with a current chance to beat the curse, the Washington Capitals. They are currently in the second round tied 1-1 with none other than the Pittsburgh Penguins. If they do lose, that would make D.C. teams 0-16 in rounds prior to the Conference Championship. They play tonight at 7:30 PM in hopes to take a 2-1 series lead on their way to breaking the curse. If the Capitals lose to the Penguins that will mark the 72nd straight season for a D.C. sports team not resolving to a championship, not including the Nats current season. The longest active drought by over twenty seasons. I hope y’all enjoyed the video if you did make you leave a thumbs up down below and subscribe if you don’t already. Let me know if you think the Capitals can break the curse and i’ll see y’all in the next video. The D.C. curse is real and we are living it.

    *all stats prior to May 1, 2018.
    *used my brain and a little Wikipedia.
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    I've heard people talk about the "DC sports curse" before, and yes I know that the 1991-92 Skins were the last team to win anything (in the Big 4, don't know how their WNBA and MLS teams are doing)

    However, Minnesota teams (excluding the Lynx) haven't even played for a championship since the 1991 Twins won that years World Series, and yet I've never heard of a Minnesota curse? At least the Caps still have a chance.

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