The best Thrashers - the final list

Discussion in 'The History of Hockey' started by Johnny Engine, May 21, 2011.

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    Ok, I'm sure there's been a "top X from your franchise" thread made here, but the search function isn't turning it up.
    Who would fall where on a definitive list of the best Thrashers ever? We could make a top 10, but I see no reason not to go further than that, into the ridiculous ticky-tacky debates about whether one year of Ladd and Byfuglien is more valuable than 6 years of Garnett Exelby on the 3rd pairing, or whether Damien Rhodes was a less terrible goalie than Norm Maracle. Who is the 35th best Thrasher of all time?

    I'll start, but feel free to disagree on anything besides the #1 guy.

    1. Ilya Kovalchuk. Seriously, there isn't a debate to be had here.
    2. Marian Hossa. He owns the top-scoring season by a Thrasher, and was known for a well-rounded game.
    3/4. Tobias Enstrom or Viacheslav Kozlov. Enstrom's place as best defenseman is as undebatable as Kovy with forwards, while the numbers Kozlov put up with Atlanta would make him easily #2 if he wasn't a bit of a compiler.
    5/6/ Dany Heatley or Kari Lehtonen. The controversy area. Before looking at the numbers, I thought Heatley would have been higher on the list, but the first three forwards have outproduced him, and the incident that lead to him leaving doesn't favour him any. Lehtonen would be in the same boat as Enstrom, positionwise, if he hadn't been injured so much.

    After that it gets muddy. Yannick Tremblay looks to have been a fixture on defense for a while, but I wasn't really paying attention and didn't catch much of him. Marc Savard had one season where he set the league on fire, and then nothing. Todd White, Donald Audette and Ray Ferrarro were all solid scorers for the Thrashers. Pasi Nurminem seems to be easily the second best goalie in franchise histories, while Ondrej Pavelec, Milan Hnilicka and Johan Hedberg were at very least not embarassing.

    Anyone want to add to this?
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    Mark Recchi had a brief cup of tea here.

    ps. I'm totally x-posting this into the team boards, it's a neat idea.

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