The best little mock draft in Texas

Discussion in 'Mock Drafts' started by Captain Conservative, Apr 26, 2004.

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  1. Captain Conservative

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    Apr 1, 2004
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    My Blue Heaven
    I tried to factor in team needs

    01. Washington: Alexander Ovechkin (LW)
    02. Pittsburgh: Evgeny Malkin (C)
    03. Chicago: Rotislav Olesz (c)
    04. Columbus: Cameron Barker (D)
    05. Phoenix: Lauri Tukkonen (RW)
    06. Rangers: Rob Schremp (C)
    07. Florida: AJ Thelen (LW)
    08. Carolina: Wojtek Wolski (C)
    09. Anaheim: Andrew Ladd (RW)
    10. Atlanta: Alex Radulov (LW)
    11. Los Angeles: Marek Schwarz (C)
    12. Minnesota: Drew Stafford (LW)
    13. Buffalo: Wes O'Neill (D)
    14. Edmonton: Mike Green (D)
    15. Nashville: Alex Picard (LW)
    16. Islanders: Kyle Chipchura (LW)
    17. Saint-Louis: Ladislav Smid (D)
    18. Montreal: Boris Valabik (D)
    19. Calgary: David Bolland (C)
    20. Dallas: Enver Lisin (LW)
    21. Colorado: Lukas Kaspar (RW)
    22. New Jersey: Evan Mcgrath (C)
    23. Edmonton (From PHI): Alvaro Montoya (D)
    24. Ottawa: Adam Berti (C)
    25. Rangers (From TOR): Sami Lepisto (D)
    26. Vancouver: Jakub Sindel (RW)
    27. Washington (FromBOS): Johan Frasson (D)
    28. SanJose: Roman Voloshenko (RW)
    29. Tampa Bay: Andrej Meszaros (D)
    30. Washington (From DET): Kirill Lyamin (D)
    33. Washington: Roman Tesliuk (D)
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  2. You have Bolland in there twice...
  3. Bluenote13

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    Positions - Radulov is a RW, Thelen is a D, Wolski & Ladd are LW's, Schwarz/Montoya are Goalies, Stafford is Primarily a RW, Berti is a W.

    Not a bad looking draft, i like the top 15. The bottom 15 has problems, IMO.
    -Jersey won't take another small Center
    -Bolland is taken at #19, I think the NYR's will take one of the guys you listed after the Ranger pick(Maybe Tesliuk as they have shown interest in him), or David Booth, LW from Mich. State.
    -The Isles at #16 have a good amount of offensive prospects available, i'd bet they go with one of those rather than Chipchura.
    -I can't see the Caps going Fransson over Lyamin.

    Good job.
  4. Divine Wind

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    EDM will take Picard over Green with the 14th pick if still available. I like picking up montoya with the 23rd pick though. A scenario i would like to see for them though is selecting a forward(Picard/Radulov/or if any projected top 10's fall to us) with our 1st selection, a defensemen(Meszaros/Smid/Valabik) with our 2nd selection, and trying to grab goalie(Dubnyk) in the 2nd round with our 3rd selection. All in all, I think EDM will pick up some nice players in the top 50 eligable draftees this year. :D
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