The 716 welcomes the 206 to the NHL

Discussion in 'Seattle Kraken' started by ckg927, Apr 29, 2021.

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    (In other words: Buffalo welcomes Seattle.)

    Since that's out of the way...first, welcome to the NHL. I suspect that Seattle will REALLY take to the NHL; you're in a better position than most cities that get expansion franchises. You have not one but 2 WHL teams(the T-Birds & Silvertips)within a reasonable drive...and you've long been accustomed to seeing Hockey Night in CBC on your cable system coming in from Vancouver.

    Presently, I'm thinking of taking a vacation to Seattle later this year and watch a LOT of hockey. Yes, I'm aware my chances of getting a ticket to a Kraken game are slim to not(and slim just left The Greenhouse...), but the T-Birds and Silvertips should be fine. (Of course, you'd have to sync it with all three team schedules.) Are there any good hockey bars in the area where you can watch Kraken & NHL games? (Plus, I'll get some sightseeing done, too. I've used CityPass in the past quite a few times(NYC, Boston, Toronto & Chicago) and will do the same for Seattle.

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