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Discussion in 'NHL Draft - Prospects' started by Vote Quimby, Aug 24, 2005.

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  1. Vote Quimby

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    Apr 6, 2005
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    Langley BC
    Is it just me or have the Vancouver Canucks done the worst job at drafting in the last 10 years!

    Since Ohlund was selected in the first round in 1994, there have been a total of 18 players that have played for the team. Of those, only 6 remain (7 if you count Chubarov playing in Russia this year). The 2000 draft is looking worse every day (Nathan Smith was our first round pick and he will probably never play in the NHL).

    1995 - Chris McAllister, Larry Courville, Peter Schaefer, Brent Sopel
    1996 - Josh Holden, Zenith Komarniski, Lubomir Vaic
    1997 - Brad Ference, Harold Druken, Matt Cooke
    1998 - Bryan Allen, Artem Chubarov, Jarkko Ruuttu
    1999 - Daniel Sedin, Henrik Sedin
    2000 - Brandon Reid
    2001 - Fedor Fedorov
    2002 - None
    2003 - Ryan Kesler

    The Canucks entire first line, the starting and backup goalie and 4 of the top 5 d-men came via trades. Imagine where the Canucks would be if they didn't trade so well.

    If the Sedins, Bryan Allen and Kesler develop as expected, then this post will be wrong but how is the drafting record of other teams?
  2. Vote Quimby

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    Langley BC
    Now that I look at a few other teams, I see Chicago has done even worse.
  3. se7en*

    se7en* Guest

    The '84-'99 Oilers deserve a nod. The worst being:

    Jason Bonsignore
    Steve Kelly

  4. AD

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    Aug 2, 2005
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    Lindsay Vallis
    Turner Stevenson
    Brent Bilodeau
    David Wilkie
    Brad Brown
    Terry Ryan
    Matt Higgins
    Jason Ward
    Eric Chouinard
    Alexander Buturlin

    :cry: Habs 1989 to 1999...*

    *excluding Saku in 1993... he rocks my world
  5. salty justice

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    May 25, 2004
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    Los Angeles
    Whats your beef with Chicago? You seem to knock them a lot.

    I would take Ruutu, Bell, Calder, and a few others over anyone the Canucks have drafted the last decade. The sisters are nothing to be proud of.
  6. Pens75

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    Jul 30, 2005
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    Duquesne Gardens
    Markus Naslund
    Martin Straka
    Patrick Lalime
    Alexei Morozov
    Jan Hrdina
    Andrew Ference
    Milan Kraft
    Konstantin Koltsov
    Ryan Malone
    Tom Kostopoulos
    Brooks Orpik
    Colby Armstrong
    Noah Welch
    Ryan Whitney
    Marc-Andre Fleury
    Evgeny Malkin
    Sidney Crosby
  7. me2

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    Jun 28, 2002
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    Blasting the bull***
    Part of the problem with that list is it doesn't count players traded away. If it is straight drafting ability you want to measure then the players should be able to play on any team. Take PROSPECTX, if he is traded then cracks TEAMY, then the team drafted him deserves the credit for drafting an NHL player.
  8. crosby_87

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    Jun 22, 2005
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    Way to rub it in A-hole! ;)
  9. BrentZ10

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    Jun 30, 2005
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    Look at what the Leafs have done. I posted this over at DMD.
    I was looking at our first round draft picks since 1993 and found some disturbing things... :p
    Maple Leafs Select RW Landon Wilson at 19th overall. He would never play a single game for us.
    Saku Koivu taken 21st overall.
    Todd Bertuzzi taken 23rd overall.
    Maple Leafs select G Eric Fichaud at 16th overall. He would play 95 games in the NHL and would never play a single game for the Leafs.
    Nobody significant was taken after him in the first round. It was a pretty weak draft year I think.
    Maple Leafs Select D Jeff Ware at 15th overall. He would play 21 games in the NHL and 15 of those were with the Leafs. Career Point Total=1
    Martin Biron taken 16th overall.
    Petr Sykora taken 18th overall.
    Alexei Morozov taken 24th overall.
    No First round picks.
    No First or 2nd round picks in a fairly stacked draft. Pretty bad because we could have had a top 5 pick...
    Maple Leafs select C Nikolai Antropov at 9th overall.
    Alex Tanguay selected 12th overall.
    Simon Gagne selected 22nd overall.
    Maple Leafs select C Luca Cereda at 24th overall.
    Martin Havlat selected 26th overall.
    Maple Leafs select C Brad Boyes at 24th overall. He was traded away and has played 1 game in the NHL.
    Maple Leafs select D Carlo Colaiacovo at 17th overall. Maybe the first good pick so far, but we have yet to see what he can do in the NHL.
    Maple Leafs select C Alexander Steen at 24th overall. A pretty good draft year for the Leafs because we got Matty Stajan in the 2nd round.
    No first round draft pick.
    No first round draft pick.
    Maple Leafs select Tuukka Rask at 21st overall. Only time will tell.

    Not pretty is it?
  10. Howard35

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    Dec 4, 2002
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    since 1995 heres detroit:

    players whove played a few games here and there

    1995: Maxim Kuznetsov, Darryl LaPlante
    1996: Jesse Wallin
    1997: Yuri Butsayev, Petr Sykora (wsh just signed him yesterday)
    1998: Jiri Fischer, Pavel Datsyuk
    1999: Henrik Zetterberg, Kent McDonell
    2000: Niklas Kronwall
    2001: Dmitry Bykov (soon to be Igor Grigorenko too)
    2002: Jiri Hudler (potentially Tomas Fleischmann, Valtteri Filppula (signed last week), Derek Meech (playing in GR as a top4 dman)
    2003: Jim Howard (just signed), Kyle Quincey, Ryan Ouhlanen (him and Quin signed this summer, going to GR)
    2004: Johan Franzen (signed, slated for detroit this fall), Evan McGrath (great year in O, probably signing next summer)
    2005: who knows
  11. jb**

    jb** Guest

    95-Brian Boucher Radovan Somik Dmitri Tertyshny-died tragically after a grea rookie season
    96-Dainius Zubrus Jesse Boulerice
    97-Todd Fedoruk
    98-Simon Gagne Antero Niittymaki Bruno St. Jacques
    99-Maxime Ouellet
    2000-Justin Williams Roman Cechmanek
    2001-Jeff Woywitka Patrick Sharp Dennis Seidenberg
    2002-Joni Pitkanen
    2003-Jeff Carter Mike Richards. This was great draft year for the Flyers mostly all of the players drafted are very good [prospects. Could very well have 8 out of 11 drafter playing in the NHL and not just call up types.
  12. Turner Stevenson in the first round, Chouinard ahead of Gagne? Ouch.
  13. Vote Quimby

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    Apr 6, 2005
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    Langley BC
    Actually that list is every player that the Canucks drafted that are in the NHL regardless of team. Schaefer is in Ottawa and Ference might develop into a top 4 d-man but that's it.
  14. Vote Quimby

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    Apr 6, 2005
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    Langley BC
    No offense but the last few years they do deserve to be knocked. I actually like Chicago and love the uniforms but the team has struggled the last 10 years or so.

    I went through the same drafts and Chicago has struggled as much or more then Vancouver with their picks. The last 5 years appear to be much better then the previous 5 years so I can see your point. Tuomo looks like he is on his way to being a very good if not great player. But you need to go back to 1988 to see the last time Chicago drafted a good or great player (Jeremy Roenick). Eric Daze in 93 was a good pick because it was 90th overall but the 95 and 96 drafts were disasters and 97 was saved because Kyle Calder was the 130th overall pick otherwise it would be a disaster as well.

    As for the Canucks drafts, I think this year will decide whether the Sedins will be good NHL players or just average players that will head back to Europe in a couple of years. The same can be said for Bryan Allen.

    For the record, I think the selection of Jack Skille was great. I was hoping the Canucks would end up with him.
  15. Unusual Suspect

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    Aug 22, 2005
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    Warren County, NJ
    Rangers since 1990 (Smith and Sather regimes), player and round taken (starting around '98 a small benefit of the doubt factor is employed...):

    Doug Weight (2)
    Sergei Zubov (5)
    Sergei Nemchinov (12)
    Alexei Kovalev (1)
    Mattias Norstrom (2)
    Eric Cairns (3)
    Niklas Sundstrom (1)
    Todd Marchant (7)
    Dan Cloutier (1)
    Kim Johnsson (11)
    Marc Savard (4)
    Dale Purinton (5)
    Mike York (6)
    Manny Malhotra (1)
    Jason LaBarbera (3)
    Tomas Kloucek (5)
    Pavel Brendl (1)
    Jamie Lundmark (1)

    The '98 and '99 lists are really lists of the only guys from those drafts that have any remaining chance at a real NHL career, and I wouldn't bet too much on any of them. Really, York is the last NYR pick to make any significant impact. Malhotra will probably have a marginal career of some length and Lundmark still has time-- just-- to get his head and his game together. No Sather pick (2000 to date) has had meaningful NHL service so far... Dan Blackburn from '01 looks to be done due to injury, and some others will get a chance this year with Fedor Tyutin and Henrik Lundqvist probably having the best odds to play a lot and at a high level.
  16. Levitate

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    Jul 29, 2004
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  17. Hunter74

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    Sep 21, 2004
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    I wouldnt' say eam but maybe drafting record of career GM's. Did Sathers bad drafting/player developemnt follow him from Edmonton to New York?
  18. HockeyCritter

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    Dec 10, 2004
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    Caps hit some pretty lean years --- though they have gotten better recently - - amazing what you can do when you have an actual scouting staff.

    (and I am not commenting on this year's draft which was one of the wonkiest I have ever seen).

    Brad Church
    Miika Elomo
    Dwayne Hay
    Sebastien Charpentier
    Joel Theriault
    Benoit Gratton
    Joel Cort
    Frederick Jobin
    Vasily Turkovsky
    Scott Swanson

    Alexandre Volchkov
    Jaroslav Svejkovsky
    Jan Bulis
    Sergei Zimakov
    David Weninger
    Shawn McNeil
    Justin Davis
    Matt Lahey
    A.J. Van Bruggen
    Mike Anderson
    Oleg Orekhovsky
    Chad Cavanagh

    1997 <---Though McPhee was just hired as GM, Poile's picks were used
    Nick Boynton
    J.F. Fortin
    Curtis Cruickshank
    Kevin Caulfield
    Henrik Petre
    Pierre-Luc Therrien
    Matt Oikawa

    1998 <--- First draft McPhee ran
    Jomar Cruz
    Todd Hornung
    Krys Barch
    Chris Corrinet
    Mike Siklenka
    Erik Wendell
    Nathan Forster
    Rastislav Stana
    Mike Farrell
    Blake Evans

    Kris Beech
    Michal Sivek
    Charlie Stephens
    Ross Lupaschuk
    Nolan Yonkman
    Roman Tvrdon
    Kyle Clark
    David Johansson
    Maxim Orlov

    2000 <--- First draft "Leonsis Era" (Meaning having an actual scouting staff
    Brian Sutherby
    Matt Pettinger
    Jakub Cutta
    Ryan Van Buskirk
    Ivan Nepriayev
    Bjorn Nord

    Nathan Paetsch
    Owen Fussey
    Jeff Lucky
    Artem Ternavski
    Zbynek Novak
    Johnny Oduya
    Matthew Maglione
    Petr Polcik
    Robert Mueller
    Viktor Hubl

    Steve Eminger
    Alexander Semin
    Boyd Gordon
    Maxime Daigneault
    Patrick Wellar
    Derek Krestanovich
    Jevon Desautels
    Petr Dvorak
    Robert Gherson
    Marian Havel
    Joni Lindlof
    Igor Ignatushkin
    Patric Blomdahl

    Eric Fehr
    Stephen Werner
    Andreas Valdix
    Josh Robertson
    Andrew Joudrey
    Mark Olafson

    Alexander Ovechkin
    Jeff Schultz
    Mike Green
    Christopher Bourque
    Mikhail Yunkov
    Sami Lepisto
    Clayton Barthel
    Oscar Hedman
    Pasi Salonen
    Peter Guggisberg
    Andrew Gordon
    Justin Mrazek
    Travis Morin

    Sasha Pokulok
    Joe Finley
    Andrew Thomas
    Patrick McNeill
    Daren Machesney
    Tim Kennedy
  19. BlueBleeder

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    Sep 28, 2004
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    Looking for others
    Blues 94-01 Games/Pts

    Roman Vopat (7) - 133/20

    95 - Good year finding Hecht and Handzus
    Jochen Hecht (2) - 333/196
    Michal Handzus (4) - 436/247
    Jean-Luc Grand Pierre (7) - 269/20

    Marty Reasoner (1) - 234/97
    Dan Corso (7) - 77/25
    Reed Low (7) - 250/19

    Ladislav Nagy (7) - 266/174

    Christian Backman (1) - 70/18
    Matt Walker (3) - 30/2

    Barret Jackman (1) - 98/22
    Alexander Khavenov (8) - 284/90

    Jeff Taffe (1) - 79/22
    Justin Papineau (3) - 81/19
    Reinhard Divis (8)

    Jay McClement (2) - 0/0
    Petr Cajanek (8) - 121/64
  20. Still baffled that Radovan Somik was drafted ahead of Michal Handzus.
  21. x-bob

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    Jul 9, 2004
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    This is how the Montreal draft went from 1990 to 2000

    1990 Draft:
    1-Turner Stevenson - 12th overall - 613gp, 186pts - Picked before Tkachuck (19th) and Brodeur (21st)
    2-Ryan Kuwabara - 39th overall - 0gp - Picked before Renberg (40th) and Kozlov (45th)
    3-Charles Poulin - 58th overall - 0gp, 0pts -
    4-Robert Guillet - 60th overall - 0gp, 0pts -
    5-Gilbert Dionne - 81st overall - 223gp, 130pts -
    6-Paul DiPietro - 102 overall - 192gp, 80pts -
    7-Craig Conroy - 123rd overall - 609gp, 340pts -
    8-Stephen Rohr - 144th overall - 0gp, 0pts - Picked before Kovalenko (148th)
    9-Brent Fleetwood - 164th overall - 0gp, 0pts - Picked before Klee (177th)and Modry (179th)
    10-Derek Maguire - 186th overall - 0gp, 0pts -
    11-Mark Kettelhut - 207th overall - 0gp, 0pts -

    Draft Review: Ordinary draft. Could have been a lot better.
    Steal of the draft: Conroy
    Bust of the draft: Kuwabara

    1991 Draft:
    1-Brent Bilodeau - 17th overall - 0gp, -0pts -Picked Before, Glen Murray (18th), Martin Rucinsky (20th), Ray Withney (23rd) and Zigmund Palfy (26th)
    2-Jim Campbell - 28th overall - 284gp, 136pts - Picked before Ozolinsh (30th)
    3-Craig Darby - 43rd overall - 196gp, 56pts - Picked before Perrault (47rd)
    4-Yves Sarault - 61st overall - 106gp, 20pts -
    5-Vladimir Vujtek - 73rd overall - 110gp, 37pts - Picked before Knuble (76th)
    6-Sylvain LaPointe - 83rd overall - 0gp, 0pts -
    7-Brad Layzell - 100th overall - 0gp, 0pts - Picked before Lindsay (103rd) and Czerkawski (106th)
    8-Tony Prpic - 105th overall - 0gp, 0pts - Picked before Czerkawski (106th)
    9-Oleg Petrov - 126th overall - 382 gp, 187 pts -
    10-Brady Kramer - 149th overall - 0gp, 0pts -
    11-Brian Savage - 171st overall - 608gp, 345pts -
    12-Scott Fraser - 193rd overall - 71gp, 31pts - Picked before Ulanov (203rd)
    13-Greg MacEachern - 215th overall - 0gp, 0pts -
    14-P.J. Lepler - 237th overall - 0gp, 0pts -
    15-Dale Hooper - 259th overall - 0gp, 0pts -

    Draft Review: A very bad draft with 2 steals at the end
    Steal of the draft: Savage, Petrov
    Bust of the draft: Brent Bilodeau :shakehead

    1992 Draft:
    1-David Wilkie - 20th overall - 167gp, 36pts - Picked before Boris Mironov (27th)
    2-Valerie Bure - 33rd overall - 621gp, 400pts -
    3-Keli Corpse - 44th overall - 0gp , 0pts - Picked before McCarthy (46th), Nikolishin (47th), Norstrom (48th) and Fernandez (52nd)
    4-Craig Rivet - 58th overall - 517gp, 101pts -
    5-Louis Bernard - 82nd overall - 0gp, 0pts - Picked before Barnaby (83rd) and Lethinen (88th)
    6-Marc Lamothe - 92nd overall - 4gp, 0pts - Picked before Ragnarssen (99th)
    7-Don Chase - 116th overall - 0gp, 0pts - Picked before Aucoin (117th)
    8-Martin Sychra - 140th overall - 0gp, 0pts -
    9-Christian Proulx - 164th overall - 7gp, 3pts -
    10-Mike Burman - 188th overall - 0gp, 0pts -
    11-Earl Cronan - 212th overall - 0gp, 0pts - Picked before Carter (220th)
    12-Trent Cavicchi - 236th overall - 0gp, 0pts - Picked before McGillis (238th)
    13-Hiroyuki Miura - 260th overall - 0gp, 0pts -

    Draft Review: Not much of a draft. Only 2 acceptable players
    Steal of the draft: Rivet
    Bust of the draft: Wilkie

    1993 Draft:
    1-Saku Koivu - 21st overall - 497gp, 398pts -
    2-Rory Fitzpatrick - 47th overall - 154gp, 18pts -
    3-Sebastien Bordeleau - 73rd overall - 251gp, 98pts -
    4-Adam Wiesel - 85th overall - 0gp, 0pts - Picked before Daze (90th)
    5-Jean-Francois Houle - 99th overall - 0gp, 0pts - Picked before Bates (103rd)
    6-Jeff Lank - 113th overall - 2gp, 0pts - Picked before Salo (118rd)
    7-Dion Darling - 125th overall - 0gp, 0pts -
    8-Darcy Tucker - 151st overall - 609gp, 298pts -
    9-David Ruhly - 177th overall - 0gp, 0pts - Picked before Legace (188th)
    10-Alan Letang - 203rd overall - 14gp, 0pts - Picked before Gill (207th)
    11-Alex Duchesne - 229th overall - 0gp, 0pts -
    12-Brian Larochelle - 255th overall - 0gp, 0pts -
    13-Russ Guzior - 281st overall - 0gp, 0pts -

    Draft Review: An ok draft with 2 good players
    Steal of the draft: Tucker
    Bust of the draft: Rory Fitzpatrick

    1994 Draft:
    1-Brad Brown - 18th overall - 330gp, 29pts - Picked before Cloutier (26th) and Warrener (27th)
    2-Jose Theodore - 44th overall - 315gp - Picked before Elias (51st)
    3-Marko Kiprusoff - 70th overall - 51gp, 10pts - Picked before Souray (71st) and Drury (72nd)
    4-Martin Belanger - 72th overall - 0gp, 0pts -
    5-Arto Kuki - 96th overall - 0gp, 0pts -
    6-Jimmy Drolet - 122nd overall - 0gp, 0pts - Picked before Turco (124th)
    7-Joel Irving - 148th overall - 0gp, 0pts - Picked before Andre Roy (151st)
    8-Jesse Rezansoff - 174th overall - 0gp, 0pts -
    9-Peter Strom - 200th overall - 0gp, 0pts -
    10-Tomas Vokoun - 226th overall - 279gp - Picked before Steve Sullivan (233rd)
    11-Chris Aldous - 252nd overall - 0gp, 0pts - Picked before Berezin (256th) and Holmstrom (257th)
    12-Ross Parsons - 278 overall - 0gp, 0pts - Picked before Kim Johnsson (286th)

    Draft Review: 2 great goalies picked in this draft
    Steal of the draft: Vokoun
    Bust of the draft: None

    1995 Draft:
    1-Terry Ryan - 8th overall - 8gp, 0pts - Picked before McLaren (9th), Dvorak (10th), Iginla (11th), Giguere (13th), McKee (14th), Biron(16th), Sykora (18th), Morozov (24th) and Denis (29th) :cry:
    2-Miroslav Guren - 60th overall - 36gp, 4pts - Picked before Shaefer (66th) and Isbister (67th)
    3-Martin Hohenberger - 74th overall - 0gp, 0pts - Picked before McCauley (79th)
    4-Jonathan Delisle - 86th overall - 0gp, 0pts - Picked before Kapanen (87th)
    5-Niklas Anger - 122nd overall - 0gp, 0pts -
    6-Boyd Olson - 138th overall - 0gp, 0pts - Picked before Sopel (144th)
    7-Stephane Robidas - 164th overall - 257gp, 46pts - Picked before Worrel (166th)
    8-Greg Hart - 190th overall - 0gp, 0pts - Picked before Kuba (192nd)
    9-Eric Houde - 216 overall - 30 gp, 5pts - Picked before Markov (223rd)

    Draft Review: The Worst Draft Ever! Best player to come out of it is Robidas.
    Steal of the draft: Robidas
    Bust of the draft: Ryan

    1996 Draft:
    1-Matt Higgins - 18th overall - 57gp, 3pts - Picked before Sturm (21st) and Briere (24th)
    2-Mathieu Garon - 44th overall - 43gp - Picked before Collin White (49th)

    3-Arron Asham - 71st overall - 278gp, 78pts - Picked before Parrish (79th)
    4-Kim Staal - 92nd overall - 0gp, 0pts - Picked before Belanger (96th)
    5-Etienne Drapeau - 99th overall - 0gp, 0pts -
    6-Daniel Archambault - 127th overall - 0gp, 0pts -
    7-Brett Clark - 154th overall - 158gp, 11pts -
    8-Timo Vertala - 181st overall - 0gp, 0pts -
    9-Mattia Baldi - 207th overall - 0gp, 0pts -
    10-Michel Tremblay 233rd overall - 0gp, 0pts - Picked before Sami Salo (239th)

    Draft Review: Not much of a draft except for Garon but the whole draft year wasn't to special
    Steal of the draft: Garon
    Bust of the draft: Higgins

    1997 Draft:
    1-Jason Ward - 11th overall - 105gp, 20pts - Picked before Hossa (12th)
    2-Gregor Baumgartner -37th overall - 0gp, 0pts -
    3-Ilkka Mikkola - 65th overall - 0gp, 0pts - Picked before Afinogenov (69th)
    4-Daniel Tetrault - 91st overall - 0gp, 0pts -
    5-Konstantin Sidulov - 118th overall - 0gp, 0pts - Picked before Arvedson (119th)
    6-Gennady Razin - 12nd overall - 0gp, 0pts - Picked before Calder (130th)
    7-Jonathan Desroches - 155th overall - 0gp, 0pts -
    8-Ben Guite - 172nd overall - 0gp, 0pts - Picked before Nagy (177th)
    9-Petr Kubos - 197th overall - 0gp, 0pts -
    10-Jarl Ygranes - 228th overall - 0gp, 0pts - Picked before Rachunek (229th)

    Draft Review: Horrible draft. Only one player played in the NHL and that's Ward....Ward!!!!
    Steal of the draft: None
    Bust of the draft: Ward

    1998 Draft:
    1-Eric Chouinard - 16th overall - 89gp, 22pts - Picked before Skoula (17th), Kalinin (18th), Regher (19th), Gagne (22nd) and Gomez (27th)
    2-Mike Ribeiro - 45 overall - 197gp, 102pts -
    3-Francois Beauchemin - 75th overall - 1gp, 0pts - Picked before Gionta (82nd)
    4-Andre Bashkirov - 132nd overall - 30gp, 3pts - Picked before Raycroft (135th)
    5-Gordie Dwyer - 152nd overall - 108gp, 5pts -
    6-Andrei Markov - 162nd overall - 267gp, 112pts -
    7-Andrei Kruchinin - 189th overall - 0gp, 0pts -
    8-Craig Murray - 201st overall - 0gp, 0pts -
    9-Michael Ryder - 216th overall - 81gp, 63pts -
    10-Darcy Harris - 247th overall - 0gp, 0pts -

    Draft Review: One of our best drafts in years! Only 3 players never made the NHL.
    Steal of the draft: Ribeiro, Markov and Ryder...what a great draft!
    Bust of the draft: Chouinard

    1999 Draft:
    1-Alexander Buturlin - 39th overall - 0gp, 0pts - Picked before Leopold (44th)
    2-Matt Carkner - 58th overall - 0gp, 0pts - Picked before Zigomanis (64th)
    3-Chris Dyment - 97th overall - 0gp, 0pts -
    4-Evan Lindsay - 107th overall - 0gp, 0pts - Picked before Malone (115th)
    5-Dusty Jamieson - 136th overall - 0gp, 0pts -
    6-Matt Shasby - 150th overall - 0gp, 0pts - Picked before Dimitrakos (155th)
    7-Sean Dixon - 167th overall - 0gp, 0pts -
    8-Vadim Tarasov - 196th overall - 0gp, 0pts -
    9-Mikko Hyytia - 225th overall - 0gp, 0pts -
    10-Jerome Marois - 253rd overall - 0gp, 0pts -

    Draft Review:Not even one player played one game in the NHL but concidering how bad the draft itself was it's not that bad :help:
    Steal of the draft: None
    Bust of the draft: All

    2000 Draft:
    1-Ron Hainsey - 13th overall - 32gp, 2pts - Picked before Orpiks (18th)
    2-Marcel Hossa - 16th overall - 59gp, 19pts - Picked before Frolov (20th)
    3-Jozef Balej - 78th overall - 0gp, 0pts -
    4-Tyler Hanchuck - 79th overall - 0gp, 0pts -
    5-Johan Eneqvist - 109th overall - 0gp, 0pts -
    6-Christian Larrivee - 114th overall - 0gp, 0pts - Picked before Visnovsky (118th)
    7-Ryan Glenn - 145th overall - 0gp, 0pts -
    8-Scott Selig - 172nd overall - 0gp, 0pts -
    9-Petr Chvojka - 182nd overall - 0gp, 0pts -
    10-Joni Puurula - 243rd overall - 0gp, 0pts -

    Draft Review:A really bad draft. Hainsey and Hossa still ahve a chance but it's their make or breakc year
    Steal of the draft: Balej
    Bust of the draft: Hainsey and/ or Hossa (If they have a bad year)

    Red = really good picks
    Blue = Big Busts
  22. orcatown

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    Feb 13, 2003
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    Think the Canuck Drafting between '84 and '93 deserves a mention as well. Especailly when you consider where we were generally drafting.

    84 - JJ Daigneault (10th)
    85 - Rob Sandlak (3rd)
    86 - Dan Woodley (7th)
    87 - traded
    88 - Linden (2nd) ok here but we were picking second afterall
    89 - Jason Herter (8th)
    90 - Peter Nedved (2nd) - missed Jagr
    91 - Alexei Stoyanov (7th)
    92 - Libor Polasek (21st)
    93 - Mike Wilson (20th)

    Guys like Woodley, Polasek, Herter could barely make their minor league clubs. Somehow we traded Stoyanov for Naslund which must rank as one of the worst trades in NHL history.
  23. me2

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    Jun 28, 2002
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    Blasting the bull***
    From the 2001 draft

    King has played NHL hockey.

    I think Bieksa will also play at least one NHL game, probably this year. Umberger probably next year.

    2002 onwards its a bit early.
  24. More 2004

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    CP is the man.
  25. bizzz*

    bizzz* Guest

    I think Oilers are winners here:
    90 - someone named Scott Allison was selected 17th overall infront of Keith Tkachuk (19th) and Martin Brodeur(20th). Oh, and Vancouver selected Shawn Antoski 18th..
    91- Tyler Wright infront of Alex Kovalev, Glen Murray, Palffy, Naslund.
    92- Joe Hulbig (13th) while Gonchar, Peka, Straka were available..
    93- Nick Stajduhar (16th). Allison, Koivu and Bertuzzi were selected later.
    94- Jason Bonsignore(4th overall). Enough said.
    95- Kelly (6th). Doan, Dvorak, Iginla were passed by Oil...
    96- Devereaux (6th). But that was a really thin draft.
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