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Discussion in 'International Tournaments' started by Lessy, Jan 5, 2005.

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    Sidney Crosby A-
    Although he didn't dominate the tournament like many expected, Sidney Crosby certainly didn't disappoint. I thought he played one of his best games in the final, making a few great defensive plays as well as battling down low. He was a force on the powerplay and drove to the net with poise beyond his years. A very impressive showing for a 17 year old playing in a 19 year olds tournament.

    Patrice Bergeron A
    He was probably Canada's best player in the tournament, leading the tournament in scoring. However, it was his defensive play that separated him from other elite players in the tournament. He played excellent defensively and threw a few hits, most notably on Ovechkin. An all-round player that really impressed this tournament.

    Corey Perry B
    Could probably be a B+ and I thought he played a fairly strong defensive game in the final. An excellent playmaker with exceptional offensive skill. If he can improve his skating and defensive play he can play in the NHL. I thought he really complimented Bergeron and Crosby on the top line.

    Michael Richards A-
    What more can be said about Captain Canada? He was excellent in all aspects of the game and gave 100% at all times. It would have been tragic if he would have been more seriously injured in the Round Robin than he actually was. Tremendous penalty killing and defensive play. He blocked shots, drove to the net, hit, and literally did it all. Everything you'd want in a captain.

    Nigel Dawes B-
    A great scorer that simply struggled to find his groove. He had a few good games and had a few nice plays as well. He's always hustling and played a very, very disciplined game, especially in the final when he was knocked around in front. He could have retaliated but he kept his cool. He deserves props for that.

    Anthony Stewart B-
    Struggled in the round robin, but I thought he picked it up for the gold medal game. Such a big, strong guy that is almost impossible to move from the front of the net, I think he didn't play physical enough early in the tournament. In the final though, he played well defensively and scored a pretty goal to boot. Was he loving life after the game or what :lol .

    Jeff Carter A
    Had an outstanding tournament, equalling Lindros' all-time Canadian record. I still can't believe Bure scored 28 World Junior goals, that is insane! Carter used his quick release to score a bundle of goals this year and that goal in the finals had to be the turning point. A great skater who was also solid defensively. I was extremely happy to see him take home the gold.

    Ryan Getzlaf A-
    He could easily be an A. He was outstanding offensively and played a defensively sound game as well. It seems that almost everyone on this Canadian team played well defensively. He has a great shot that showed phenomonal chemistry with Carter. Highest plus minus rating in the tournament and really gave it his all in that final game.

    Andrew Ladd B
    There were a lot of questions regarding Ladd early in this tournament but he seemed to get better as the tournament went on. Great job cycling the puck down low and I found him to be extremely solid on his skates. He chipped in on the offense and did a great job on that so called "third line" :eek: .

    Clarke Macarthur A-
    He was probably the surprise player of the tournament. A good skater with great hands around the net and some sweet moves. Scored a lot early in the tournament and focused more on a defensive role later on. Was an excellent penalty killer, perhaps the best penalty killer in the entire tournament. He created all kinds of havoc and holding it along the boards. A great role player that chipped in pleasantly on the attack.

    Colin Fraser B
    Could easily be a B+, he was a great face-off guy that caused a lot of criticism for being selected just because he was Sutter's captain. He did a great job defensively, especially killing penalties with Clarke Macarthur. Another great role player that seemed to be a good leader for the team.

    Stephen Dixon B-
    Zero goals in his two years at the World Junior Hockey Championships but contributed in ways that very few could. Good on faceoffs and yet another dynamic penalty killer. Not flashy, but constantly got the job done for Sutter's team.
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