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Discussion in 'Montreal Canadiens' started by Le Tricolore, Dec 4, 2018.

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    Hello HF Habs,

    This post is being made to inform everyone here that posts about being pro-tanking will not be permitted on this forum.

    While we do understand that some people may want the team to lose in order to get a draft pick, please understand that most posters coming to this forum are here to cheer on their favourite hockey team, and posts that are hoping for the Habs to lose can be seen as trolling the vast majority of the fanbase.
    This has been discussed at length with the moderators and administrators of this site, and is not something that is up for debate. Consider this post your first warning, and any please note that there may be additional repercussions if you're unable to adhere to this rule.

    Thank you,
    HF Habs staff
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