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Discussion in 'HFNHL Talk' started by Tampa GM, Jun 2, 2007.

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    Just two seasons ago, back in 03/04 finished the season as the 2nd worst team in HFNHL, and now just two years later the same team was only one goal away from Stanley Cup final action. Back in 2004 Tampa bay lost the draft lottery which ment that the team had to end up with the 3rd overall pick and just missing Malkin and Ovechkin.

    Not many players are left from that team, Daniel Sedin is one of them and he has been a member of Tampa since the begining. He was the first player ever drafted in HFNHL and said that he really enjoyed this run for the finals for the past few weeks. "I cant believe what we have done in just two years time, its amazing and give us one or two more years and we will reach the finals for sure".

    What are the main reasons that Tampa was only one goal away from the Stanley Cup final action?

    Marian Hossa and Phileppe Boucher. Hossa was the leading scorer in the playoffs scoring 31 points in just 19 gmes, 18 of those points where goal. The entire
    first line with Näslund on the other wing and Nylander in the middle have been amazing for the entire playoffs. Nylander is the leading goalscorer among centers and it looks like Mikael Nylander was another great ufa signing. Hossa was signed to a 28M$ contract last summer and alot of people around the HFNHL thought it was way to much money to spend on one player, after this playoff I dont think anyone thinks that. Look out for Hossa to be among the top scorers for the upcoming regular season.

    The other big reason was Phileppe Boucher. Bouche? He didnt even play a single game for Tampa, how could he be important for this run? Just a few weeks after that Tampa had sign him as a free agent he was traded to Colorado. In the same deal Tampa received Joe Corvo and Marc Chouinard in return. Corvo was the leading scorer among
    defenseman during the regular season and was also a starting player in the all-star game. In the playoffs he didnt produce as much as expected but his season was still a big big surprise. Marc Chouinard became the teams third line center and did a good job with mostly LeClerc and Franzén on his sides. Without the Boucher trade I dont think we would have been here, GM Martin Sedin said late last night on the press conference.

    What can we expekt from Tampa in the future?

    All of they keyplayers will return for atleast another season, just goalie veteran Curtis Joseph will became free agent after the season. Martin Sedin said that he has been very happy with Joseph for the last couple of season but now its time to move on. Johan Holmqvist and Fredrik Norrena will both be invited to the trainingcamp which starts in early September and on the trainingcamp they will fight about the startingjob with already signed Sebastian Caron and Brent Johnson.

    Other then Joseph the team might loose Nolan Pratt, Jamie Heward and Francois Bouillon. Both Pratt and Heward have received new contract offers but rumours mention that Bouillon would be to expensive to keep so he will probably test the free agent market this summer.

    Among prospects the team will most likely sign Patrick Thoresen as a center in the third line, it is also possible that young defenseman Alexander Edler will be under his first pro contract.

    Since Tampa earned almost 8M$ in the playoffs they might even be in the race for some free agents this summer, rumours mention that the team will trade Markus Näslund. Näslund who scored 99 points in the regular season and added another 15 in the playoffs.
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    Congrats on a terrific run, Martin!

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