Tampa prospects on fire in SEL playoffs

Discussion in 'HFNHL Talk' started by Tampa GM, Apr 2, 2006.

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    Tampa Bay draftee 2004 Stefan Pettersson is on fire in the SEL playoffs. After 10 games he has scored 9 goals and 4 assist for 13 points and +5. Pettersson is just a few goals away from the playoff record in goals. Rumours mention that Tampa might offer Stefan Pettersson a two way contract as soon as the SEL playoffs are over. Currently Petterssons team HV(Champions from 04) are playing Farjestad in the semifinals.

    Tampa also have two other prospects on the HV roster. Stefan Liv has been the starter in all ten games but he has been a major disappointment this playoff and his future in North America doesnt look as bright as for a few weeks ago.

    Martin Thörnberg is the third player on the roster. Three goals and one assist is his stats. Martin is not expected to move to Florida for atleast two more years.

    Another team in the semifinals are Linköping and Tampa has two players on that roster. Goalie Fredrin Norrena and powerforward Patric Blomdahl. Norrena has been good in goal and Linköping is only one game from reaching their first ever SEL final.

    Blomdahl has been a pain in the *** and has one goal and has league leading 88 minutes in the box.

    Per Ledin and Per Hållberg both plays for Färjestad who are playing HV71. Per Ledin was very close to move across the pond last fall but he decided to stay in Färjestad for another year. One goal and three assist and 37 minutes is his stats. Rumours mention that Ledin are happy in Sweden and will stay in Sweden.

    Defenseman Per HÃ¥llberg has already sign with a team in Switzerland and is not expected to move to North America.
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    Red Bulls Salzburg who signed forward Patrick Thoresen for the playoffs, today lost the final series 4-2 in game six. Thoresen did not score in the final game but played strong playoffs for Salzburg.

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