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Discussion in 'HFNHL Talk' started by spintheblackcircle, Jul 9, 2004.

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    "A major move by the Sabres. Ladd adds more depth down that left wing. Does that mean a Frolov or Nash becomes expendable. Like Nash before him, Ladd seems to be a steal again. Losers in this deal again are the Minnesota Wild as they don’t have a Cup or playoff appearance yet."

    Minnesota GM Greg Dockus chuckled as he commented on the 1st round of the recent HFNHL draft. "Yes, getting an all-star calibre defenseman in Hamrlik for a prospect was just a horrible move by us," joked Dockus. "First off, we had the 10th pick. Ladd went 7th. Kinda hard to draft someone who was already drafted. Montoya went 10th. "

    "Second, everyone knows Nash is a great player. But we got Sturm and DeVries, plus, now with Klepis coming over now, that will be a 3rd player who will be a top player for us. Calling us a loser there is asinine."

    "Can't figure why Ladd is considered such a gem anyway. Getzlaf made the kid last year. Ladd came from nowhere, and you have to be super suspicious of those types, especially when he is centered by a 1st round pick. Betcha Klepis has a better career than Ladd."
  2. "25 DET Kirill Lyamin

    GM Drew Niece looked as if he wanted to go to the toilet when he announced this name. The hype on Lyamin was tremedous 48hrs before the draft as many made him sound like Russian version of Chris Pronger."

    LOL. I didn't jump on the bandwagon, I built it :)
    Actually I was very concerned when all that hype started in the days leading up to the draft. I had already had him listed as the guy I wanted most, well based on my drafting position of course. I had Lyamin listed as my 3rd best dman (given my criteria for what a dman should be able to do) and was worried all the hype was going to mean I lost out on him. I will agree that hype was ridiculously overstated.
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