Swingstein Mum on Free Agency

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    (AP) New York: Reggie Swingstein, the HFNHL uber-agent who controls the majority of HFNHL player contracts, refused to comment on the current state of free agency.

    Swingstein was surrounded by several local and national reporters at La Guardia air port after lengthy discussions with all three of the New York’s area General Manager. While Swingstein acknowledged he had met with the general managers from the Islanders, Rangers and Devils while in the big apple, he refused to show his hand in terms of the players of most interest.

    “While I will admit that Mr. Jessa, Mr. Gaffney and Mr. Epstein have certainly stepped up in attempt to aggressively improve their team, I won’t comment on any specific players at this time†stated Swingstein, but then added coyly. “But I will say that I anticipate having some happy clients in a few weeksâ€

    It is no secret the Islanders recently placed Adam Foote and Keith Tkachuk on the trade block in attempt to clear cap room in anticipation of free agent signings, and both Gaffney and Epstein are known for making aggressive moves to improve their teams.

    Swingstein also refused to comment on the expected value of Pavol Demitra on the open market, after Flyers general manager Claudio Mannarino openly campaigned for Demitra’s service in a press conference and stated he expected Demitra to get a salary in the $3.5 million range.

    “I don’t know exactly what Pavol will get this off-season, but let me just this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for he and his family. I simply plan on helping him maximize that opportunityâ€

    Swingstein stated he did not anticipate visiting Philadelphia to discuss the issue further with Mannarino and in stead would dispatch one of his underlings to listen to what the Flyers are willing to offer.

    “I can’t be everywhere all the time, but I can certainly be the most important places when it mattersâ€, mused the cantankerous agent.

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