Stich's Mock Draft, Part 1 [Picks 1-18]

Discussion in 'Mock Drafts' started by degroat*, Jun 6, 2004.

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  1. degroat*

    degroat* Guest

    1. Washington Capitals - Alexander Ovechkin
    Rankings: McKeen's: 1, THN: 1, CSS: 1 [European Skaters]
    There hasn't been a more obvious first overall pick since Vincent Lecavalier in 1998

    2. Pittsburgh Penguins - Evgeny Malkin
    Rankings: McKeen's: 2, THN: 2, CSS: 2 [European Skaters]
    Malkin going 2nd overall is as obvious as his fellow countryman going 1st overall

    3. Chicago Blackhawks - Cam Barker
    Rankings: McKeen's: 3, THN: 3, CSS: 2 [North American Skaters]
    A potential stud defensemen is exactly what the Blackhawks need to add to their organization

    4. Columbus Blue Jackets - Lauri Tukonen
    Rankings: McKeen's: 7, THN: 4, CSS: 5 [European Skaters]
    Adding Tukonen to Zherdev would potentially solidify the right side of the Jackets’ offense for years to come.

    5. Phoenix Coyotes - Rostislav Olesz
    Rankings: McKeen's: 4, THN: 5, CSS: 3 [European Skaters]
    Tough choice between Ladd and Olesz here, but Phoenix needs scoring and Olesz has the edge in that department

    6. New York Rangers - Andrew Ladd
    Rankings: McKeen's: 5, THN: 7, CSS: 1 [North American Skaters]
    Rangers take the obvious choice here and land a potential future captain

    7. Florida Panthers - Robbie Schremp
    Rankings: McKeen's: 13, THN: 10, CSS: 10 [North American Skaters]
    The Panthers might look pretty good down the middle at the NHL level, but they're seriously lacking in the farm system.

    8. Carolina Hurricanes - AJ Thelen
    Rankings: McKeen's: 8, THN: 15, CSS: 11 [North American Skaters]
    Carolina needs a little bit of everything so picking up potential top pairing defensemen seems like the obvious choice here

    9. Anaheim Mighty Ducks - Alexandre Picard
    Rankings: McKeen's: 11, THN: 16, CSS: 3 [North American Skaters]
    With Anaheim needing forwards with some size, the 6'2 left winger fits the bill… and he's the best skater left.

    10. Atlanta Thrashers - Mike Green
    Rankings: McKeen's: 17, THN: 32, CSS: 9 [North American Skaters]
    Atlanta's best prospect beyond Lehtonen may be a defenseman (Coburn) but the franchise would be better off drafting Green than they would any of the forwards still available

    11. Los Angeles Kings - Marek Schwarz
    Rankings: McKeen's: 6, THN: 6, CSS: 1 [European Goaltenders]
    The general consensus is that Los Angeles will be taking a goaltender. Unfortunately, there's no general consensus on Schwarz vs Montoya

    12. Minnesota Wild - Alexander Radulov
    Rankings: McKeen's: 9, THN: 13, CSS: 9 [European Skaters]
    Radulov has that explosiveness that is exactly what Minnesota needs to add to their organization

    13. Buffalo Sabres - Wojtek Wolski
    Rankings: McKeen's: 14, THN: 19, CSS: 5 [North American Skaters]
    Buffalo has needs both up front and on the blueline. Radulov would have been a better pick for the Sabres, but with him off the board, they'll have to settle for Wolski

    14. Edmonton Oilers - Al Montoya
    Rankings: McKeen's: 10, THN: 8, CSS: 1 [North American Goaltenders]
    The Oilers may prefer to not take a goaltender in the 1st round, but Montoya is clearly the best player available here and is hard to pass up

    15. Nashville Predators - Enver Lisin
    Rankings: McKeen's: 20, THN: 14, CSS: 13 [European Skaters]
    Lisin might be a slight reach at #15, but the Predators are in need of players that can put the puck in the net

    16. New York Islanders - Boris Valabik
    Rankings: McKeen's: 26, THN: 20, CSS: 6 [North American Skaters]
    As much as I’m not a fan of Valabik, someone has to like him for him to be ranked #6 by the CSS. Chances are someone is going to take him in the 1st and with the Isles looking for D, Long Island seems like a likely destination.

    17. St Louis Blues - Ladislav Smid
    Rankings: McKeen's: 18, THN: 11, CSS: 4 [European Skaters]
    With only Shawn Belle as a top pairing defensive prospect in the organization, Smid is the obvious choice

    18. Montreal Canadiens - Drew Stafford
    Rankings: McKeen's: 12, THN: 9, CSS: 7 [North American Skaters]
    Stafford slips a little because of a lack of offensive potential
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  2. Can't complain, Stafford or Radulov. Minnesota fans say Stafford, I am split. We need a guy like Stafford if he drops but Radulov isn't bad.
  3. degroat*

    degroat* Guest

    This has to be some sort of HFBoards record... nearly 11 hours after I posted this only one comment has come in and nobody has yet told me I was crazy because there's no way that Player A will not get taken by Team X if he's still available.

    I guess my mock is prefect. :D
  4. Fighter

    Fighter Always on the move

    Jan 1, 2004
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    Trieste, Italy
    Yeah, your mock is prefect :D

    Overall a good job, I like Green at Atlanta, but Stafford IMO is a bit too low. Good call on Picard to Anaheim.
  5. I got no problem with FL's choice given that FL doesn't trade the pick altogether. Plus, I've heard the comparison that Schremp is similar to Roenick (obviously not size-wise but outspoken, good skills, etc) and with Keenan as GM, we know how he liked Jeremy in Chicago.

    Just for clarification purposes, the Columbus pick, while I don't agree with, Tukonen is listed as a winger but is a right-handed shot. Wouldn't that make him more likely a RW as opposed to a LW? You also mentioned solidifying their left side with Zherdev but I thought that he's also a rightie as played mostly RW this past yr (though I didn't get to see many Jacket games). You probably meant solidfy the right side for years to come (or even if you meant left side, substitute Nash's name in there for Nikolai's). Though I think a big presence down the middle might be of more concern so Olesz might be a smarter pick here.

    Stafford seems a bit low, Green & Lisin seem a bit high and where is Chipchura? I can't see Kyle falling outside the top 20 and I think he'd be picked before Lisin at least. You thought the boards went nuts, huh...well here you go, some constructive criticism as you requested :lol:
  6. degroat*

    degroat* Guest

    Stafford is a bit lower than I wanted to put him, but that's just where he ended up. He could easily end up going to Edmonton, but I thought that Montoya was a better value there. Nashville is another place he could have gone, but it seems to me that Nashville already has a team full of types of players like him and needs to add some scoring punch to the organization.

    Keenan's arrogance was actually one of the reason's why I think they could easily end up taking Schremp.

    You are correct... I meant to say right side. Thanks.

    That is a good point. It's really hard to pick between Olesz, Ladd, and Tukonen and based on the scouting reports Tukonen is the one that I've grown to like the best. That's the main reason I went with him there.

    Chipchura to Nashville may have been a better selection than Lisin... I'll look more into that before I release the 2nd part in the next couple days [since the draft order will then be official]. I just think that Lisin will end up going higher than we expect him to because of his skating ability.

    If I stick with Lisin there, Chipchura will be in the next few picks.
  7. TomHBlain

    TomHBlain Registered User

    Feb 24, 2003
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    I dont think Chicago would take Cam Barker with the 3rd pick just because they have so many young defensemen as it is. He would jump to the #1 guy on the list without a doubt, but I see them going more for Olesz or Ladd. Maybe even Tukonen (yet another Finn Power forward).
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  8. degroat*

    degroat* Guest

    Feel free to point them out to me... but I'm not seeing the young defensemen that you [and many others] are referring to. Their best defensive prospect is Seabrook and most say that his stock has dropped this past year and on their NHL roster the only player really worth mentioning is Berard, who at 27 is their youngest defenseman getting any icetime.
  9. Safir*

    Safir* Guest

    I not very high on this guy and if Stafford or Radulov are still on the board I would like the Thrashers to pick them.

    IMO Atlanta is lacking some impact (top 6) forward prospects and I hope that the team will address this problem.

    A.J. Thelen would be needed in Atlanta, but rather than taking Greene in the 1st I take my changes in the later rounds to address this problem.

    Overall a sound draft. :)
  10. Broadway Brett

    Broadway Brett Registered User

    Mar 26, 2004
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    Florida, but born in
    Great draft. BUT, I think the Blue Jackets like Ladd better, and would take him over Olesz.
  11. KH1

    KH1 Registered User

    Apr 5, 2004
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    The Isles have had their eye on Chipchura for a while now, and I think that they would love him if Nashville doesn't jump on him.
  12. sketchykg

    sketchykg Registered User

    Nov 17, 2003
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    I'd love it if the Isles got Valabik, but not at the expense of Chipchura.
  13. The Boot

    The Boot Registered User

    Feb 23, 2003
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    Seabrook still looks like a solid top 2 D-man despite the fact that he didn't quite live up to expectations offensively (Although it is hard to do so on Lethbridge). He still has a pretty well rounded game, still needs some work on lateral movement if you ask me.

    Anyway the other D-men they are probably refering to are most likely Anton Babchuk, huge d-man, wickedly hard shot, many argue he should have stuck in Chi-town this year and i agree, has top 4 potential. Lasse Kukkonen before playing AHL/NHL this year Kukkonen had captained Karpat of the Sm Ligga which is quite the accomplishment for such a young player. While he does have somewhat limited upside he should at least be a #5 - #6 d-man. Also James Wisnewski who has turned some heads winning the OHL D-man of the year award. There seem to be a few others depth guys of note, Barinka, Barkunov and Malmivaara but i really don't know them all that well. As for D-men on their pro roster, Vandermeer and Berard should be around for a while.

    While this is far from an ideal situation on the back end, they are at least as likely to select a forward as they are a D-man.
  14. tripledekehockey

    tripledekehockey Registered User

    Apr 1, 2004
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    pittsburgh pa
    great mock draft overall

    lisin IMO is a little too high and stafford is low -- i would expect to see stafford go top 10 to either anaheim or atlanta

    nashville will probably jump on chipchura if he is still available there
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