Stefan Legein potential

Discussion in 'NHL Draft - Prospects' started by TruthDeliveryVehicle*, Jun 2, 2007.

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  1. He has great speed, and scoring 43 goals at that age in the O is impressive, plus he can play that pest type role it seems. He's obviously undersized but does this kid have the game to play a second line or more likely third line role in the pros.

    He sounds like he could be a Darcy Tucker type.

    where will he go in the draft? I have seen him talked about in the very later first round but more likely somewhere in the second. But, I've also seen him ranked VERY low by some services.
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    Saw him play in one game... he was pretty impressive, good 2-way forward. I really like this guy, don't think a Tucker like though... not so pest, more a Madden like...

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